Update on the PJ Hairston story

DerekRowles: #BreakingNews -- DPD confirms a gun was found on the ground outside the car driven by PJ Hairston. Forensics being done right now #ABC11

Saw this on twitter.

Uh-oh, somebody got some 'splainin' to do.

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Damn, this whole incident

Damn, this whole incident opened a huge bag of worms for UNC's program. Hope this doesn't haunt him for the WUG and next season. I was and I'd still say I am expecting a breakout year from him next year.

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Wow, I knew he was a goon but

Wow, I knew he was a goon but I didn't think he would be this dumb.. It happens tho. He might get suspended or if the gun charge is his, he might be dismissed

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Things like this make me wish

Things like this make me wish he declared.

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More Hairston Twitter Updates

DavidCMorrison: According to the Hairston police report, a 9 mm handgun and magazine with 9 rounds of ammunition was taken as evidence. Also: 3 cigars.

DerekRowles: More #Hairston -- just filed PD report -- Sezied: plastic baggies, 9mm handgun, ammunition, car rental agreement for 2013 Yukon. #ABC11

dijana_kunovac: for those interested in the full PJ Hairston police report, @CBSSports has it here -- http://t.co/TpheeHttax

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Ironic that it happened in Durhan (Dukie town) vs Chapel Hill (UNC town)

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