Update on NBA Prospects

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Update on NBA Prospects

Trey Burke returning to school:

CJ McCollum returning to school:

Marquis Teague entering draft 100% in, according to

"For Kentucky fans holding out hope that Marquis Teague might return...don't. He's 100% gone. Only question is when he announces"

From DraftExpress.com

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Perry Jones declares for
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Great for Burke, Michigan can

Great for Burke, Michigan can be good next year with Burke, Hardaway Jr, Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson

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I'm hearing Rodney Hood is

I'm hearing Rodney Hood is consulting the NBA Advisory Committee to see where he'll go in the draft,then he'll decide where he wants to transfer.....I feel he might have the best pro future out of all of the guys from this year's Miss. State team.....Louisville & Memphis are on his list if he decides to skip the draft.....

Cody Zeller hasnt made his intentons known..The longer he puts it off the more i think he might leave...

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1st rule of

1st rule of club: NEVER mention D%@&*Express

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