Unrealistic Trade Idea for the Thunder

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Unrealistic Trade Idea for the Thunder

Kendrick Perkins really didn't cut it last year and I'd like to see the Thunder get a big man who can score, rebound, and facilitate. They'd probably never pony-up the cash, but I'd like to see them get Pau Gasol. Frankly, I think they'd win a championship with him.

Thunder get:
Pau Gasol
Jared Sullinger

Celtics get:
Jordan Hill
Nick Collison
#12 Pick (from Thunder)

Lakers get:
Kendrick Perkins
Thabo Sefolosha
Jeremy Lamb
#16 pick (from Celtics)

This assuming the Celtics are going for it again and that keep Paul Pierce and re-sign Kevin Garnett. That's why they'd need a center like Hill. Garnett couldn't hack it last year. Moving 4 spots up the draft would help them secure someone like Michael Carter Williams.

The Thunder lose depth, a draft pick worth of youth, and financial flexibility. Sefolosha can be replaced with their 28th pick (Allen Crabbe?) and Collison can be replaced with the 32nd pick (CJ Leslie?).

The Lakers amnesty Kendrick Perkins and overall, save 14 million dollars. They draft Dennis Schroeder to back up old man Steve Nash or draft Shabazz Muhammad to score because, if you saw playoffs, Kobe is the only reliable scoring non-center on the team. If Dwight Howard leaves though, Robert Sacre becomes their only big man.

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Yep you were right

You were right on one thing! And it didn't even get into the first paragraph. This is definitely unrealistic.

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Ob wait, the Thunder don't

Ob wait, the Thunder don't resign Harden for finalcial reasons and trade for Gasol...?

What's the point of this if you already say this is unrealistic?

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This trade is horrible for

This trade is horrible for OKC .The only good thing for OKC is they get rid of Perkins contract over 3 years as Gasol expires.They are giving away the 2 controlled assets of the Harden trade ,Lamb and the 12th pick. Basically u are trading Harden ,Perkins,Collison,Thabo Sefolosha for 1 season each of Gasol and Kevin Martin and Sullinger.

So in this trade the Thunder are giving away essentially

a Top 3 SG in the NBA "Controlled Assets for Harden" 4 seasons worth of cheap assets

Their starting SG

Their first Big off the bench

Their Starting Center

and receiving

6th man for 1 season

a starting PF for 1 Season

1 year of 8 mil in cap space

Jared Sullinger 4 years controlled

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that might be the stupidest post this year

which is saying a lot. The Celtics get 2 guys better than Sullinger and move up? They'd jump all overf it but it's never gonna happen.

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What's the point of posting

What's the point of posting if you already know it's unrealistic?

Velvet Hoop
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The biggest issue I have with this...

is that OKC is probably not going to be able to resign Kevin Martin. His asking price will be much higher than they can realistically spend. If they were to lose Martin and then with your scenario, give up Thabo AND Lamb AND the 12th pick, OKC would then have zero rotation level sg's on their roster. Maybe if it were Avery Bradley coming from Boston instead of Sully it would be a little better for them.

Also, yeah, they aren't getting another max level player and I don't see them getting rid of Collison. He is the heart and soul of that team and is one of those guys that is valued way more by his own team than he is by other teams.

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If somehow the Lakers

If somehow the Lakers acquired Kendrick Perkins they couldn't amnesty him because that's not how the amnesty works.

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