Unnamed Team offers 1st round pick for Thomas Robinson

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Unnamed Team offers 1st round pick for Thomas Robinson

The Rockets have already said that their shopping him to clear out some more cap space for their attempt of landing Dwight Howard. I was really excited when my Sacramento Kings drafted him last year but they gave up on him very quickly only after half a season in the NBA. Although he was nowhere near his expectations as a rookie. It is way too early to call him a bust. In a weak draft class like this one I don't see why to not give up a mid first round pick for him. Yes Kevin McHale is the kind of ciach who doesnt like playing rookies a lot but for some reason he did not get in one playoff game against the Thunder even when the games were a blowout. I'm really not sure where he would be in this years draft if he had stayed his senior year at Kansas but he'd really be worthy of giving up a first round pick for in my opinion.

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I wonder if it is a future

I wonder if it is a future first round pick from a good team? A future 1st rounder doesn't add any guaranteed money to anyone this year and gives the Rockets the most cap space by simply dumping him. Hope he gets in a good situation to succeed.

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I believe New York would be a

I believe New York would be a nice fit, so they wouldn't have to keep sliding Melo over to the 4 when guys like Amar'e are out.

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This would be a good move for

the Pacers. Resign West and let Robinson learn from a true pro how to play in the NBA.

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Could it be Dallas?

this years 13 for last years 5 seems like a good deal. I've heard they've been looking to get out of this draft. Let him play behind dirk for a bit, not a bad idea.

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It could be Dallas...Or a

It could be Dallas...Or a veteran team like the Spurs..I doubt there will be anyone as good as him at the spot they're slated to select......

I felt the Kings gave up on him much too soon.. I must admit, he did look lost most of the time when he was on the floor..But that can be expected from a rookie....I believe going to summer league might help him become comfortable with the nba game.....He looks like a guy that could average 14 pts/8rbs,if he gets in the right situation........

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Id say he's worth a pick

Id say he's worth a pick somewhere between 12-18 considering how weak this draft is

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dallas is trying to reduce salary to make a pitch for howard

Dallas and Houston both trying to reduce salary to go after howard,it would probably be a team under the cap who is willing to take on salary) that has a hard time getting free agents,

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Hmm, sounds like my Pistons a

Hmm, sounds like my Pistons a little bit. Although I dont think they need him(and certainly not for our 8th pick)

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Dallas wants to get rid of

Dallas wants to get rid of their pick to not have to take on the salary. I doubt they'll trade the pick for the much higher salary of Robinson. And as for the Knicks, if all Houston is getting back is a pick, then the team trading for Robinson has to be under the cap and able to swallow his entire salary. So no to the Knicks, who by the way is more successful when Mello plays the four. Teams off the top of my head that are under the cap, who will makea good fit, Pacers, Spurs, Hawks.

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Man, Thomas Robinson is being passed around like no one's business. We're talking about a guy who was projected to at least be a solid player. I'm still slightly shocked that Sacramento lost faith in him so quickly, sure he had his issues but in terms of their roster who doesn't?

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We're looking for a stash

We're looking for a stash prospect to save money for FA.

I doubt it's a high pick, as other reports stated that most teams were not interested.

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The spurs make a lot of

The spurs make a lot of sense. They have cap space this summer so they can afford him.

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I'd like to see if Washington

I'd like to see if Washington could pull something off for him. If he can be had for a 2015 top 5 protected first rounder, if I'm Washington I pull the trigger. A first rounder this year or next year would be out of the question, as this year they should be crossing their fingers for Otto Porter as I think he fits perfect alongside Wall and Beal. Next years draft is so deep it wouldn't make sense as they should be looking for a Center, possibly Willie Cauley-Stein if he's still on the board.

Possible lineup going into 2014-15:
PG - Wall
SG - Beal
SF- Porter
PF - Robinson
C - Cauley-Stein

Not world beaters by any stretch but it gives Washington a young solid nucleus who at the very least can run the break and space the floor. Each player compliments each others strengths as well as weaknesses, and would be exciting to watch.

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One of ATL's back to back

One of ATL's back to back picks either 17 or 18 would be great value as insurance if Jsmoove leaves.

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Teams that make sense to me

Chicago, OKC, San Antonio, New York

But my guess is it's Minnesota, looking for depth in case Kevin Love gets injured again.

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It is hard to make a career

It is hard to make a career for oneself when a player has no range and struggles to make half his layups. It was a rough year, hopefully another new start will do him some good, but that is why first round picks get multiple guaranteed years. An offseason can do wonders for a player.

If this is true, and given Marc Stein's abundance of Rockets reports it would not be surprising if his Houston source was trying to pass off nonsense to see if another team will bite, I think it would be a late first round pick from a team not wanting to go on a free agent spending spree nor a non-big market approaching the tax line. Phoenix would be a financial fit, but seems like an odd choice given they have already collected a pair of former Rocket power forwards in Scola and Marcus Morris while also having Markieff and a possibly returning Channing Frye. Oklahoma City's proximity to the tax line probably would keep them from taking a flier on Robinson. San Antonio would seem like a possibility, but they have some redesigning that will have to take place with all their free agents. Would Robinson be worth it when maybe they can draft the next Gary Neal in that spot while not spending as much money? Denver is in a tough spot financially with all the contracts they have inked. If they are going to try to keep Iguodala and go into the tax to do so, then can they afford to pay double for the chance Robinson fits their style? If Kirilenko opts in and Minnesota matches the inevitable $10 million plus annually for Pekovic, they are close to being a lottery tax payer in a mid-sized market. The Clippers would make some sense if not for the legacy of Donald Sterling's wallet. Robinson would have no pressure, and given the direction of the team, they might have to start looking for second chance prospects to add young legs going forward. Money is no object for the Knicks, but how many non-threats can one team have? Indiana is facing free agency with David West, a restricted free agent period for Hansbrough, extension talks with Paul George, and the lingering view of Lance Stephenson a year from now. All this from a team that didn't draw fans to their games. I think they are going to be more careful with the money they add. Brooklyn, Utah, or Atlanta make the most sense. Brooklyn is going to need to add a young athlete up front. Evans is nice to have, but even nicer when not relied upon. Utah could add an extra young big man to their mix, and be patient with him. Atlanta has almost an empty roster, and a ton of picks in a draft where you don't want a ton of picks.

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The 76ers could trade the 11th pick for T Rob...

Lets go down the top Picks to see if anyone else would trade for Robinson

1. Cavs wouldn't trade #1 for T.Rob...They have Tristan Thompson and the chance to draft Len, Noel or Bennett at #1, the Rockets wouldn't want to take back the 1st pick anyway if the plan is to dump Robinson for cap space...

2. Magic wouldn't trade #2 for T.Rob...The Magic dont need another Pf, they're probably looking for a young guard and Mclemore, Olapido or Burke make more sense, the Rockets again don't want to pay for the 2nd pick, they want as much cap space as possible for Howard...

3. Wizards wouldn't trade #3 for T.Rob...Wizards could use a Robinson but they have Nene, Okefor, Singleton, Vessely and Seraphin at Pf/C, The Rockets don't want a top 5 pick back either...

4. Hornets wouldn't trade #4 for T.Rob...They need offensive weapons, T.Rob wouldn't be an offensive threat

5. Suns wouldn't trade #5 for T.Rob...The Morris Twins, Scola and Beasley can all play Pf, I also think they want a G...

6. Pelicans wouldn't trade #6 for T.Rob...Davis and Robinson had words before the draft and wouldn't work well together in the frontcourt, although I'd like to see it, I also think they're looking for a C or Pg (Lopez and Vasquez are not long term answers at the positions)

7. Kings wouldn't trade #7 for Robinson for Obvious Reasons...

8. Pistons wouldn't trade #8 for T.Rob...Monroe, Drummond and Jerebko are a very good forward rotation, they could use another F but I think they need a Wing player that can defend (Olapido would be perfect next to Knight)

9. Timberwolves wouldn't trade # 9 for T.Rob...Love and Williams in front of Robinson, they also want to resign Pek and get a SG

10. Trailblazers wouldn't trade #10 for T.Rob...LA has said he wants a C

11. 76ers may be willing to trade the 11th pick but would the Rockets even want the 11th pick is the question...

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Maybe the Bulls or Pacers.

Maybe the Bulls or Pacers. They are both looking to stay in contention for years to come, but West and Boozer aren't getting any younger and Robinson could be a nice fit in both of those systems.

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