Undrafted Guys

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Undrafted Guys

I've heard that some guys that went undrafted have gotten signed. CJ Leslie (Knicks), Phil Pressey (Celtics), Rodney Williams (76ers), Myck Kabongo (Heat) all got their contracts. That makes me think, what other guys that went undrafted have been signed?

Guys that come to mind:

Dewayne Dedmon
Kenny Kadji
Michael Snaer
Trevor Mbakwe
BJ Young
James Southerland
Brandon Paul
Adonis Thomas
Robert Coovington
Jackie Carmichael
Jack Cooley
Christian Watford
DJ Stephens
Will Clybum
Seth Curry
Brandon Triche

Granted some guys towards the end of that list didn't have too great of a shot at getting drafted, but I'm just curious if any of these guys have gotten any contracts or teams taking interest in them for summer league or what not yet.

If you have heard/hear anything, let me know.

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None of those contracts are

None of those contracts are guaranteed and are doubtful to make it through the preseason. That being said I was surprised Vander Blue went undrafted since the emergence of fellow Marquette alum Wes Mathews and Jimmy Butler. Obviously Lazar Heyward negates that theory but there is a certain toughness and maturity that comes with Marquette players that I figure will help land Blue on a roster at some point and the fact that Blue measured out taller than expected.

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Blue was definitely a

Blue was definitely a surprise. Carmichael was another. It seemed that a lot of scouts liked him. He has PF size and has a great mid range shot. I think he could become a weaker version of Brandon Bass.

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