Undrafted Free-Agents I Can See Finding A Home.

David Lighty - Ohio State

Scotty Hopson - Tennessee

Demetri McCamey - Illinois

Ben Hansbrough - Notre Dame

Jereme Richmond - Illinois


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Jacob Pullen too....I can

Jacob Pullen too....I can defintly see Lighty finding a job.

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I'd agree with that list

I'd agree with that list, except for Richmond and Hopson. Those guys have a lot of potential, but teams who're looking to pick up a 15th man on their roster with a 10-day or 1-year contract aren't looking to develop any talent. They're either going to be looking for players who fit a niche (ie: Ravern Johnson as a spot-up shooter) or well-rounded veterans to serve as glorified practice dummies (Hansbrough, Lighty, McCamey). The last thing they want is someone with rumored character issues (Hopson) coming in and &$#%#&@! up their team chemistry.

Also, keep in mind, these guys were passed on 60 times for a reason. One, two, three, or four at the most will probably be consistent roster fixtures this year, but not even all the second round picks will make the cut.

As far as the topic, I'd say the best odds probably fall in the following order: Lighty, Johnson, Bryan-Amaning (size and experience), Hansbrough, McCamey.

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I agree

When I mentioned Richmond and Hopson, I was meaning a team would send them down to their D-League teams to develope them, and hopefully mature them for the future.

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Ben Hansbrough will definitly

Ben Hansbrough will definitly find a home somewhere. Two other ones you didnt include in that list are Malcolm Thomas and Michael Dunigan. I really like both of them and think they'll catch on somewhere eventually.

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