The Undertaker had ups

But I bet John Cena would kill him in a game of 21

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Haha, is he getting rejected

Haha, is he getting rejected by the rim, despite being 6'10''!?

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I don't know. But from the way it looked, I think he blew that dunk.

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Lol @ JoeWolf Yea man @Leroy

Lol @ JoeWolf

Yea man @Leroy Jenkins, he doesn't look to be getting that high for a 6'10 guy.

Kevin Nash(Diesel) also used to play basketball for the Tennessee Volunteers 7'0 center!

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he got hung tho

he got hung tho

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If you are 6'10" you're what

If you are 6'10" you're what at least 9 feet high when you reach your arm up? In truth it doesn't look like the Undertaker has ups at all from this picture. Nate Robinson is 5'9" and he can get that high...he has ups. Dwight Howard at the dunk contest smacked a sticker of his face well higher while dunking as well and he's a similar height to the Undertaker.

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This may come as a shock to

This may come as a shock to you avid WWE fans, but a lot of the heights of the wrestlers are fabricated in order to increase their brand... Mark Calloway aka the Undertaker is actually 6'7.5''... So, his hops aren't THAT bad

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Tell you is up. His shorts.

Tell you is up. His shorts.

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Reeves Nelson could be He or

Reeves Nelson could be He or Kanes son!

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Kane, Undertaker, Big Show

Kane, Undertaker, Big Show and Kevin Nash all played some form of college basketball. Thank god Taker went to wrestling, and dyed his hair black.

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