An underrated star

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An underrated star

I went to see a game between Cleveland and Ramona last year and watched a junior (now senior) at Cleveland absolutely dominate the Ramona team. Prince Obasi had 32 points and looked outstanding. He seemed very confident, and was an amazing athlete. Does anyone know if he is committed to any college? I'd be very surprised if he didn't take a scholarship offer to a DI school.

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13 ppg might get him a D1

13 ppg might get him a D1 school but not a major school, makes a good percentage of his shots, but idk, that was his only good game last season. It depends what coaches see in him

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Sherrod Wright

I'm from the NYC area in the suburbs and my basketball team absolutely sucks. But we do play Mount Vernon twice a year (produced Ben Gordon, Keith Benjamin and Kevin Jones). They have another good player named Sherrod Wright who will probably go to a lower tier big east school like Providence. Still he can light up the scoreboard as a 2-guard.

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Brandon Triche

Not too many people know about Triche and he was co-MVP Jordan Brand Classic's Regional Game.

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