Underrated Class of 2013 recruits

Who are some 4 star and lower players who will outplay their ranking?

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4 Star
Eric Mika BYU
Conner Frankamp Kansas
Keith Frazier SMU

Post Grad
Duane Notice South Carolina

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Gotta have

Jabari Bird

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He's highly ranked but I

He's highly ranked but I think Zach Levine could be rated higher. He's headed to UCLA as a 6'4 guard who has great athleticism skills and good handles.

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Tai Webster. He's a 3 star

Tai Webster. He's a 3 star recruit of New Zealand, but Fran Fraschilla thought he could have been in the top 100 if he played high school ball in the states.

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Marc Loving of Ohio State.

Marc Loving of Ohio State. 6'8 and lights out shooter who is skilled. He isnt the most athletic guy but he seems to still be filling out into his man body. He is a small forward but he needs to get quicker and stronger before he is ready for big ten play. I think he could possibly be a really good college player after a few years

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Troy Williams

Troy Williams

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Kyle Washington, Ishmael

Kyle Washington, Ishmael Wainright, Deonte Burton, Troy Caupain, Frank Mason, Josh Brown, Darius Thompson

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Gotta second the Troy

Gotta second the Troy Williams pick... He could end being a special player

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-Luke Fischer- maybe not the

-Luke Fischer- maybe not the next C.Zeller since he doesn't have the athleticism, but unlike Zeller has solid length to go with his very good skill set. He can play inside or outside. Has good moves and can finish with either hand. Outside he's a deft passer with soft touch on his J.
-NWG- his composite ranking is somewhere in the 30s but I think he could be the 2nd best pg in this class. Going to a down program like UW a lot will be put on his shoulders, but I think he has the ability to handle it. He's wise beyond his years.
-Terry Rozier- the reason why Quentin Snider decommitted from Louisville, well...one of them People forget about him cuz he took an extra prep yr but he's a really good scoring point. He's got long arms, a sick handle, great bounce, shot-creating ability and finishing ability. Reminds me a bit of Reggie Jackson.

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Roddy Peters- Finally gives

Roddy Peters- Finally gives Maryland & Turgeon a point guard that can balance scoring & dishing.
Brandon Austin- Will come in & immediately help out the Providence Friars in the back court
Kuran Iverson - He will immediately step in at Memphis & be a difference maker in my opinion
Eric Mika - Guy will come in & make an impact at BYU

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