Underdogs heading into the Playoffs

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Underdogs heading into the Playoffs

Does not matter which Conference you choose, who do you believe in to go further than what is expected? (5seeds and up)

I don't know the consensus views but I'm on board with this Wizards team to make an unexpected run.

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The Bobcats. Yes they'll

The Bobcats. Yes they'll likely be 7th seeds going up against the Pacers and yes they'll likely lose to the Pacers, but I think it's going to be closer than some are making it out to be. The Bobcats are looking hot in recent weeks (currently on 4 game win streak) while Indiana are the opposite (3-7 win-loss record in their last 10 games). I think there's a good chance at least one of the two teams take their momentum, be it the Bobcats or the Pacers, into th playoffs. People are saying the Bobcats are going to be swept but I see them taking it to 6 or 7 games before being knocked out.

Also, on the the off-chance the Bobcats manage to snatch a 5th or 6th seed in these last few games I could see them going into the second round before being knocked out.

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Wouldnt want to see Phoenix

Wouldnt want to see Phoenix at all man

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I think if the wizards end up seeing the raptors it's a wrap. I love the way wall is playing this year and beal also is playing well. I think they could go 7 games

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Raptors beat the Wizards 3

Raptors beat the Wizards 3 out of 4 games and the one game they lost went to triple overtime. Im praying we get the Wizards in the first round I bet we sweep them. We will take the first two home games because you gotta remember playing in the Air Canada Center when the Raptors is the only major sports team to make the playoffs in 6 or 7 years will be tough. The ACC will be packed full of desperate sports fans. Then we can carry that momentum into Washington and I really dont think they would even take game.

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Although they shouldn't be

Although they shouldn't be considered an underdog with all the vets they have, I think Brooklyn could pull a huge upset 2nd round and ruin the long talked about Pacers and Heat rematch.

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