Of the underclassmen that went back to school, who would you of wanted to stay in?

Damion James, Grevis Vasquez,etc...

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Patterson should have stayed in. He could help his stock but I seen it hurt a lot of players coming back when they get to picking apart their game.

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Yeah i was suprised he went

Yeah i was suprised he went back especially with the coaching change at UK

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With the draft class that is weak in Big Man I'm surprised that he decided to go back when his a sure lock at top 10. And also I'm surprised that Cole Aldrich also decided to go back to school.

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He is going to be the same guy this time next year and I think he couldve been a decent rookie. Patrick Patterson shouldve stayed too, because his main weakness is his height. He isnt going to get taller so he shouldve stayed in

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Jarvis Vernado

I would of wanted Jarvis Vernado to stay in the draft he can be a good player.

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Patterson was the big

Patterson was the big surprise for me...he would've been a first round lock (certainly more than his teammate Jody Meeks) and he will be overshadowed next year with all of the freshmen coming to UK and the coaching change.

As for a guy like Aldrich, I think that he can improve his draft position with a solid year at KU next year. I think that if he uses the time to add to his game, Aldrich could end up as a top 5 pick.

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Pattrick Patterson

I think Patrick Patterson should have stayed. He is really good right now and since this is a weak draft he would have been a lotto pick.

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