Unc vs Hofstra

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Unc vs Hofstra

I said it before and I'll say I again. K. Marshall will be the most underrated all American because he's not as athletic as the others but he will be the best point guard on the team and best passer in the acc. The kids court vision is on par with Omar cook at the same stage Harrison barnes is killing. His talent is amazing. Like a seasoned vet I think this is the year Tyler zeller becomes the very good player that I think he is I think Justin nix will help much much then his stats will indicate Dexter strickland will be a good spark off the bench. Needs to be consistant though Henson has potential but is still kinda raw. Very good rebounder

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I agree, I've been saying

I agree, I've been saying Marshall will be amazing but people always say he has no athleticism or can't score, but his passing is so good, he'll be the starter eventually .

Barnes has been amazing, great rebounder, good range, he is just so smooth out there. Not sure about a killer instinct yet but he has all the skill.

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