UNC trio declaring trio spin

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UNC trio declaring trio spin

There's already a couple threads on this, so I know all of you know that Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes, and John Henson have declared.

Considering how these players declared, I think this basically solidifies James McAdoo returning to school. The latest was that he was leaning towards leaning towards returning to UNC. I'm only inferring, but I believe if James McAdoo was seriously considering declaring for the NBA Draft then either he would have decalred right then with the rest of their teammates, or the UNC trio would have postponed their declaration for the draft so they all could have declared together.

Am I looking into this too much, or do you think the UNC trio declaring and James McAdoo declaring are totally unrelated?

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repeat of Last Year

I think its just like Last year when Zeller and Henson preety much knew they were coming back and went ahead and annouced it, but it took Barnes a while to decided because he was really unsure. McAdoo i think is really unsure in what he wants to leave or not, but i think he will ultimately come back.

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Barnes UNC career at a

Barnes UNC career at a glace.

1 Preseason National Player of the Year award as a Frosh

2 Preseason 1st team All American awards

1 Preseason ACC Player of the Year award as a Soph

0 Post Season National Player of the awards

0 Post Season 1st team All American awards

0 ACC Player of the Year awards

0 Preseason tournament titles

0 ACC tournament titles

0 Regional titles

0 NCAA Championships

For a guy who is so talented and had so much hype coming in as a Freshman, he didnt live to much of the hype and he didnt win any tournaments.

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I never bought into that type of hype and I am die-hard UNC. In the all star games, commentators were saying that was a lot to put on a person who has never played a college game. Because he didnt live up to the hype that others gave him doesnt mean much. I dont remember him saying personally he was going to do all those things. Remember, he was a savior coming to a team who had missed the tourney for the first time in 20 some odd years. Had it been Sullinger, he wouldve gotten the same hype, and people are saying that Sullinger is not all he was advertised....which I also disagree with.

Barnes did not have a stellar career, but I think the scouts know he received too much hype...not because of his ability, but because of the situation he was placed in. There were more talented players than Barnes who didnt get that kind of hype, not John Wall, not Chris Webber, not Greg Oden. It was circumstance. Much was made of UNC not making the tourney that year after winning a championship the year prior.

The ACC POY this year will not be drafted before Barnes and unless the National POY is named Anthony Davis, then he wont go before Barnes either.

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What about UNC?

Where does that leave them now that their 4 best players have left? Let's see...

(Important) Returning Players:

James McAdoo, F

Dexter Strickland, G

Leslie McDonald, G

Reggie Bullock, G

P.J. Hairston, G

New Signees:

Marcus Paige, PG

Brice Johnson, PF

J.P. Tokoto, SF

Joel James, C

A very capable group of ballers, yes, but none of them strike fear into my heart the way Harrison Barnes did. Going to be an interesting season.

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Holy Ballsack Johnny

Holy Ballsack Johnny Chill...If i didnt know better judging by your posts, your not a big fan of Harry Barnes. Again I'm not sure though because you seem to be rather subtle.

You got your point across, he didnt live up to the insane hype that he had.

There are a boatload of players who didnt win a player of the year award, win a conference championship, win a national championship.

How many games did your boy Austin Rivers win in the tournament?

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JohnnyChill is the definition

JohnnyChill is the definition of a Harrison Barnes hater. I'm sure Rivers first round loss to Lehigh wasn't because of him, but the Ohio game, Kansas game and Kentucky game were 100% Barnes' fault. I would think with your supposed hot girlfriend you'd have more to do then search out every Harrison Barnes thread and say how much you dislike him.

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I agree now of those guys strike fear into u like a Harrison Barnes or even a Zeller, Henson(Defensively), or Marshall(passing). But McAdoo can if he improves and produces like everyone thinks he will. Also if Pj Hairston gettins into better shape and attack the basket more he going to be really good. Before he was hounded by the injury bug(wrist,ankle,foot etc) he was playing and shooting great. Some people thought he was making a case to start ahead of strickland. Also McDonald showed alot of improvement in his ball handlind and scoring ability during the NC Pro-Am where he got hurt at.

This year group looks like the building foundation of another UNC title run much like the 2006 and 20011 teams. They just missing the Star stud talent like Hansbourgh and Barnes. With McAdoo likely gone after next year hopefully we amp up a chase for Guys like 2013 players Jabari Parker and Julius Randle. Because we have been getting alot of second tier 5star guys (besides Barnes and Marshall) and not pressing hard after true studs like Muhammad. If Kentucky can recruit at that level every year im sure we can too.

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"Am I looking into this too

"Am I looking into this too much, or do you think the UNC trio declaring and James McAdoo declaring are totally unrelated?"

Completely unrelated.

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