UNC loses first game in Bahamas...

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UNC loses first game in Bahamas...

cause for concern or nothing major? While Kentucky is tearing it up in the Bahamas, UNC loses 84-83 to the Providence Storm, a team Ohio State destroyed 115-63. I don't know if it that big of a concern. except UNC shot 3-25 from three and 9-18 from the line. It was well known how bad of an outshide shooting team UNC was last year and it seems this problem has not been solved. UNC did not get a commit from a shooter this year. Rashad Vaughan was their main target to solve their outside shooting problems, but he committed to UNLV. Carolina hasn't had a knock down three point shooter to commit since PJ Hairston in 2011. As of now, those problems have not been resolved it seems. Theo Pinson is not a shooter and Justin Jackson is more of a mid-range guy. UNC was an absolute atrocious free throw shooting team last year at 62 percent, the lowest in program history. This is something UNC needs to fix immediately if they want to compete in the ACC and nationally.

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Four of those guys from the

Four of those guys from the bahama team did not play against OSU. Two of them have a lot of pro experience. And Brice Johnson did go down with an ankle injury.

Still embarassing and inexcusable, but remember the 2005 team lost to Santa Clara in their opener. What I am trying to say is that it is not the end of the world for UNC yet.

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Nothing Major

Nothing major it was an exhibition game they lose by one with Paige playing subpar, and Brice hurt. Watching the game which can be found here there are somethings on the box score that didnt match up with the game. Joel James clearly scores earlier in the game but the boxscore shows zero points for him. Tokoto takes and misses more than 1 freethrow. But the boxscore shows him 1 for 1. And im not exactly sure Berry took 8 threes. Even if thats the case him and Paige combined for 3/17 on three point shots so it was really only two guys jacking and missing. On two point shots the heels shot 60%. Freethrow shooting still needs to be improved.

Carolina played the last few minutes to end the game with all three freshman on the court, getting them some important late game situation pressure and it didnt fair to well. Overall the team will be ok, the ball moved well, there was alot more attacking of the basket compared to last year team, Pinson and Tokoto made alot of plays for teammates and themselves, they combined for 11 assits. Hicks looks more comfortable and it showed in his play. The heels pretty much controlled the game throughout just didnt execute down the stretch, with a few turnovers, missed turnovers and errant shots. All and all this is nothing to be worked up or be worried about.

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All that can really be said

All that can really be said is 'its just one preseason game', they played and shot the ball much better today vs the allstars. Truth be told, unc have a lot of talent on the team to be capable enough to challange for the top spot in the acc and contend for a national title run

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UNC is more talented than

UNC is more talented than they were last year, but Roy is going to have to get them to play like they have less talent. He did a great job last year getting them to play with urgency and like a team that needed to win ugly, get all the loose balls, get offensive boards, and really muck up the game. If they get to a point where they think they can win on their skill, UNC will be an average team. If they can play ugly, they have the athletes to win games.

I still think they will be either the 2nd or 3rd best team in the ACC and spend most of the year ranked in the top 15 or so. They should be a lot of fun to watch. Roy is going to have to find good 4 star talent, or non-pro 5 star guys going forward because coach K, Arizona and Kentucky are basically in an arms race for the 1 n done types it seems like these days.

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As good of a front court that

As good of a front court that they have it is inexcusable for them to take that many threes...maybe just a matter of them being too selfish.

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