UK's Official Roster for 2012-13 (Updated Heights/Weights)

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UK's Official Roster for 2012-13 (Updated Heights/Weights)

UK releases official roster for 2012-13 season

Last month, John Calipari tweeted out the uniform numbers for the 2012-13 Wildcats.

On Wednesday, UK released the official team roster, confirming those numbers and adding updated heights and weights for this season’s Cats.

Here’s a look at the specs on UK’s newcomers (full roster can be found at bottom of page):

Nerlens Noel: The big man from Everett, Mass., comes in at 6-10 and 228 pounds. That was his listed height by Rivals, Scout and ESPN, but he’s added some (necessary) weight since his final season of high school. Rivals (200), Scout (205) and ESPN (215) all listed him much lower than his current 228 pounds. For comparison’s sake, Anthony Davis was 6-10 and 220 pounds last season.
Note: The roster also included a pronunciation guide: It’s Nerlens “Know-ELL”. Not Nerlens “NOH-uhl.” Tell your friends.

Alex Poythress: UK has the five-star forward at 6-7 and 239 pounds. That’s the same height as his listing from the Jordan Brand Classic in April, but he’s apparently added 24 pounds since then. Poythress is often compared to Terrence Jones, but he’s a little smaller than the former Cat. Jones was listed at 6-9 and 252 pounds last year.

Archie Goodwin: At 6-4.5 and 198 pounds, Goodwin is a half-inch shorter than his Jordan Brand Classic listing. He’s also 17 pounds heavier, which fits the trend of UK’s newcomers and can probably be attributed to recent time spent in a college weight room. Goodwin is penciled in as UK’s starting shooting guard this season. Doron Lamb, last season’s starter at that position, was listed at 6-4 and 210 pounds.

Willie Cauley-Stein: The forward from Olathe, Kan., is the first 7-footer of the Calipari Era. He was listed at 6-10 by most recruiting services, but a picture Calipari tweeted last week showed him to be noticeably taller than anyone on this year’s team (and Anthony Davis). Eloy Vargas was listed at 6-11 during his two years at UK, as was DeMarcus Cousins. Cauley-Stein is also listed at 244 pounds, nearly 30 pounds more than what most recruiting services had him at during his senior season. That weight ties him with Vargas as the fifth-heaviest player of the Calipari Era.

Ryan Harrow: UK’s new point guard (who sat out last season as a transfer) is 6-2 and 170 pounds. That’s the same height and 5 pounds lighter than his listing on last year’s roster. He’ll be smaller than any of UK’s previous starting point guards under Calipari: Marquis Teague (6-2, 189), Brandon Knight (6-3, 185), John Wall (6-4, 195).

Julius Mays: The Wright State transfer is listed at 6-2, 192 pounds, which is 3 pounds lighter than what the Raiders listed him at last season.

UK’s Official Roster for 2012-13
Twany Beckham G 6-4.5 202 Sr.
Julius Mays G 6-2 192 Sr.
Jon Hood G 6-7 212 Jr.
Jarrod Polson G 6-2 189 Jr.
Ryan Harrow G 6-2 170 So.
Brian Long G 5-9 155 So.
Sam Malone G 5-11 185 So.
Kyle Wiltjer* F 6-10 239 So.
Willie Cauley-Stein F 7-0 244 Fr.
Archie Goodwin G 6-4.5 198 Fr.
Nerlens Noel F 6-10 228 Fr.
Alex Poythress F 6-7 239 Fr.

*-Wiltjer, UK’s top returnee, was listed at 6-9 last season.

Thought there were some interesting developments. Noel gained at least 10 pounds since April (measured at 216 at the Hoop Summit), Poythress a tad shorter than expected (though still good size for a 3, not to mention his long arms). Just thought that for the most part, weight wise, these guys are at a pretty good spot for young prospects. Have none of the expectations of last season (just thought last years team speed and ability was special), but they are still going to be one of the better teams this season. Have a hard time seeing them win again, which would be unprecedented due to the massive change over from last season, but they are going to still be quite tough thanks to Calipari's penchant for bringing in talent.

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did harrow

grow,i think when i first heard of him he was like 5.11 or sumthing?

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Certainly seems like it

At least according to UK. I have a hard time believing Harrow is actually that tall, as I know he was barely 6 feet at most entering college. Still, could have happened. Nonetheless, would take the under for Harrow's measurement at an upcoming draft combine. If he were 6-0.75 without shoes, it would add up, but again, would take the under.

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Harrow isnt 6'2 or 170 lbs

Harrow isnt 6'2 or 170 lbs lol. He's probably 6' 160

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It's possible that he's

It's possible that he's shorter but it's also likely he is bigger weight wise considering he is doing a lot of weight training

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Noel has filled out, I can

Noel has filled out, I can remember when he was 190 to 200lbs within the last couple of years and could not see how he could play at C in the NBA, but he has certainly bulked up now and with his skillset looks an even more elite prospect.

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Remember the colleges job is

Remember the colleges job is try to get you into the league. So measurables are likely exagerated

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From that pic Cal tweeted

From that pic Cal tweeted with the UK bigs, Noel looks like he is 6'9", is it just me or he might be slouching?He looks a good inch shorter than Davis who is 6'10", but the high top fade makes him look a legit 6'10-6'11. Maybe it's just me?

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Wow Nerlens is only 8lbs

Wow Nerlens is only 8lbs heavier than Anthony Davis. It doesn't really look like it, Nerlens seemed to be built much heavier. I think it's in the lenght of the limbs as well as Anthony Davis's wide frame, despite his skinnyness which acounts for such a similar weight. This team looks good but you just can't halp but notice the stark talent difference from last year. A lot of people will put pressure on Noel to excel and try to replicate an Anthony Davis-esque season which will be one hell of an ordeal. Kentucky has once again great relative talent (when looking at the rest of the league) but this quasy new roster just makes me question how far they'll go. Wish them the best of luck!

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"Noel looks like he is 6'9" i

"Noel looks like he is 6'9"

i was thinking the same thing and started a thread about IT when he was "measured 6'11.5 in the lebron james skill academy (

i said he was at most 6'10 and got negs for it...

... and asked how he projected as a C but not davis, (which i think he does).

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UK vs UCLA, should be fun!

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