UK VS Indiana

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UK VS Indiana

Indiana up 43-39 with 3:20 left in 1st half

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Watford has been scoring from

Watford has been scoring from everywhere tonight. He has a great skillset and has really developed his game. MKG is going to be so good. He is taking alot of shots tonight and shows that drive to be great. Once he actually starts hitting all those perimeter jumpers and as he develops a complete offensive game he is going to be an amazing player. Best thing is he is only 18 yet has the winning mentality and work ethic of a 10 year vet.

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With Davis out we are more

With Davis out we are more beatable bthese damn refs won't call anything forMKG but I'm not going to blame them for UK lack of defense. Davis covers up so many defensive flaws. I can't believe IU will shot as good in the second half. Zeller is a beast. Wofford is balling but he should not have got that Teague foul or the Jones foul that was clearly a block

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" he should not have got that

" he should not have got that Teague foul or the Jones foul that was clearly a block"


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There is more to a block then

There is more to a block then up top- Jones hit him on the body. He did get all ball with his hand, but his body hit him.

Indiana has definitly made this a better game than I thought they would but Kentucky is starting to impose their will on the glass, as they do to just about everybody. It is why they have the best chance to win a championship since Cal has been there. So few teams have the sheer amount of size to contend with UK on the glass and now that Marshall is out for UNC, the ship is Kentuckys for the taking. Sorry JRBenzcuse

Zeller is a stud. He is the only post player who seems to be able to get what he wants agaainst Davis. Even if he hasnt scored a ton, he just seems to have him figured out. I hope he stays another year cuz IU will be preseason top 3 if he stays.

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