UFC 132 this saturday is gonna be the best ufc ever

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UFC 132 this saturday is gonna be the best ufc ever

im so pumped up for this one. Admittiedly it has my all time 2 favorite fighters (tito and faber) on the card so im probably more pumped then most fans of the sport. Heres my breakdown:

Main event: Urijah Faber vs Dominick Cruz......135lb title

Urijah beat Cruz 3 years ago at 145lbs and since Cruz dropped down a weight class and hasnt lost since becoming the 135 champ and looking like one of the best p4p fighters in the world on the way. Faber was the 145 champ last time they faced off but since lost a couple fights at 145 and recently moved down to 135 where he has won his first 2 in a row. These 2 guys have legit bad blood and have bad talked each other for years. Cruz has beat Fabers top student twice in recent fights while Faber stood cageside thinking if he wanted things done right he was gonna have to get in there and do it himself. Well tommorow he will have his chance while Cruz will have his chance to avenge his only carrer loss. Should be a great fight with Cruz keeping a distance and counter striking while faber times his risks to get in close and unleash punches or shoot for the takedown.

my pick is faber(homer)

tito ortiz vs ryan bader

fact is tito has not won a fight in 5 years. He has not been fighting often with a slew of injuries and the guys he has been fighting have been world class. It gets no easier for tito tommorow vs an opponent who basically fights the same way as tito only younger and healthier. If tito losses it likely will be the end of a hall of fame career. The sad thing is tito is my favorite fighter and i have very little faith he wins this fight. But if he somehow rekindles the fire of his youth and pulls the huge upset, it will make me one very happy person.

my pick: Ryan Bader

Wanderlei Silva vs Chris Leben

What a fun matchup. THis is the type of fight where if you said pick a matchup that non ufc fans might like to get introduced to the sport, this is about as good as it gets. These two guys do one thing and one thing only, they stand in the pocket and pucnh as hard as they can as fast as they. Someone is getting knockedout here. My pick is that leben gets the win but its razor close.

other fighters to keep an eye on:

carlos condit. The craziest eyes and stare in the sport will face a very tough one loss dong hyun kim who always seems to make his opponents fight out of their confort zone. Condit is the better finsher and has a few more weapons and should win.

Melvin Guillard. Cant believe this guys fight will be on the preliminaries on spike. One of the best strikers at 155 he can knockout any light weight if he connects. But he is fighting a wrestler and might go into conservative mode.

Plenty more going on with this card too, these are just some of the highlights.

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