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Started as a top 5 team and some thought they could possibly be heading back to the final four with Napier and lamb coming back, plus the addition of Andre Drummond.

But they aren't even ranked anymore and lost tonight in a blowout to Georgetown.


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I watched the Georgetown game

I watched the Georgetown game and I think they really struggled with beating the zone. In the first few minutes they exploded out of the gate by feeding Drummond inside and it was paying off. However, the Hoyas went to a zone and Lamb simply couldn't find a rhythm. Big East is tough, but I think they could still make a tournament run if they can sort their rotation now that Boatright is fully cleared.

This is the first full game of Drummond's I've seen so I figure here is as good a spot as any to make a few comments;

I saw him gamble for steals on the perimeter numerous times and give up easy layups as a result. He wasn't very engaged defensively after the game was out of reach, and looked very frustrating that he wasn't getting more touches on the low block.

That said, the first five minutes of the game showed how special he'll be at the next level. UConn didn't have anybody making jumpers, which meant Andre was double-teamed consistently, but that won't be a problem in the NBA, where every team has at least a couple of outside shooters.

Also, he was great on the low block when he was isolated there, and made quick, decisive moves a couple of times. He also threw it down with authority whenever he got the chance instead of going up soft. His rebounding was also very impressive.

Yes, he got taken out of the game, but they couldn't feed him very well with the zone and he didn't have a lot of space after Georgetown adjusted. Also, UConn's guard play was terrible today.

I'd still take him first overall, his game is more suited to the man defences and open spaces of the NBA than the crowded paint of college and I think a lot of his mistakes defensively were out of frustration, which indicates a stronger desire to win than people realise.

With the right coach he could really explode, and he'd do well even with a bad one, he's my number 1 pick for sure.

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i had started this threat

i had started this threat -_-

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they have no team chemistry

they have no team chemistry and no 3-point shooting

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14-7, 5-6 in the big east...

14-7, 5-6 in the big east... this team is probably not going to make the NCAA tournament... who would have thunk it? wow...

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Not a big fan of Napier here,

Not a big fan of Napier here, too small to be a SG and too selfish and stupid to be a PG. I do not see him succeeding at the next level.

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