Tyus Jones Live on ESPNU

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Tyus Jones Live on ESPNU

Just letting fellow posters know that Tyus Jones and his aau squad is currently playing on espnu. The first quarter has just ended.

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Love his game. He plays with

Love his game. He plays with no wasted movement at all and seems to always make the right play. Great presence and patience. You just can't speed a kid like him up.
Excellent finisher as well. Knows how to use his body, can finish with either hand, has different types of releases and spins off the glass. He's got a very good floater game as well and he can use both hands for floaters. Just his finishing ability reminds me of Kyrie cuz he's so clever with sneaky athleticism and body control, but that's as far as I'll go with that comparison.

Dropped a quiet 20/8 vs BABC.

Not crazy about his defense though. He's too cool for school on that end. Plays with little urgency and doesn't sit in his stance long enough. He gets beat off the dribble way too easily for a kid rated as a highly as he is.

Tomorrow's gonna be a really good matchup on ESPNU. Houston Hoops vs E1T1. As many as 6 (if their full rosters from the EYBL play) top 30 ESPN recruits will be playing.

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