tyus battle

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tyus battle

im from new jersey, so my question is what every one thinks of tyus battle? I have only seen highlights of him, but it looks like he has a really quick first step. anyway whats everyone think of him?

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I'm from New York. I have

I'm from New York. I have seen the kid. He is 6'5 with a 8'6 standing reach already as a sophomore. So the size is there. His main strength is shooting. He can really get rolling from beyond the arc. I don't want to say he is a lock for the NBA because he is just a sophomore so it's early but he is a top 10 prospect in his class so he is on the right path. Rooms for improvement are his ball handling and slashing.His first step is very solid. Mostly everyone is recruiting him right now and he will be another kid from New Jersey that goes high major. That state has really been pumping out talent lately. More than New York actually.

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