Tyshawn Taylor

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Tyshawn Taylor

outside out of that horrible pull up 3 when it was 1 on 3, he brought it today. I always liked him more then Marshall cuz of his quicks and size and we all know Self preaches defense

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Definitely NBA Talent

Tyshawn has all the physical to be a solid NBA guard, but he must work on his decision making and cut down his turnovers. If we are judging strictly off talent, then there are few point guards in the country who can match Taylor. I think he can be a solid back up in the league. This is a weak draft for points guards, and there is a slight chance Marshall may come back to school, especially after his wrist injury. So if Taylor continues to play well and make it to the Title game he may can climb to the end of the first round or early second.

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When he saw Stillman White guarding him, he said "&$#%#[email protected]! it, im gonna murder this kid today."

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His decision making is very

His decision making is very suspect. Taylor has NBA size and a terriffic wingspan. He's improved playing the point and is a very very good perimeter defender. When throws the ball away carelessly it's easy to forget him shutting down his defender on the opposing end. I wouldn't take him in the 1st round, but he's worth it in the 2nd round.

He will play in the NBA and despite his ego, wanting to go shot for shot with an opposing player heating up, and carlessness on offense his talent is pretty amazing at times. I think he'd really fit the bill for a backup point guard in some systems. He can hold his own on defense, has NBA size and athletic ability at the point and can fill it up.

Best case scenario, I feel he could be a C.J. Watson type player. That is if he gets his head in the game, if not he could just as easily fade away and be out of the league in a couple years.

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Mario Chalmers?

Mario Chalmers?

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Tyshawn Taylor is underrated.

Tyshawn Taylor is underrated. He would be a steal in the 2nd round. I think he could develop into a Jason Terry type of spark plug off the bench.

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late-bloomer: like wolf said

late-bloomer: like wolf said his decision making hurts him a lot specially because he is a senior and he should know better by now. i am a big fan of him and aside from what i just mentioned, there are little to no weaknesses in his game from what i see.

he has great handles on the break and for ISOs, quick-ness, shot off the dribble or with feet set, gets to the line, nice court vision... he's like a late blooming version of a poor-mans jamal crawford.

in any other draft the woulda most def. been a 1st rounder... but in this deep draft i can find 30 who will be more of a benefactor to their team...

#high risk-high reward. and he's most likely gonna be steal because imo he wont crack the 1st

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