Tyrone Lue

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Tyrone Lue

Should he follow Doc Rivers as the C's next coach? He has been his understudy for a while with the C's
The players are use to him.

What do you guys think?

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I'd say, give him a one year

I'd say, give him a one year deal and see how it goes. He should know the system by now and could be a great development coach like Byron Scott for a rebuilding Celtics team.

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I think he's be a great

I think he's be a great choice...has the respect of not only the Celtics players but throughout the league

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Let's ask
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Not sure if he really has a

Not sure if he really has a shot since I haven't seen him as a frontrunner for a headcoaching job so far. This years coaching fairground ride is absolutely crazy. Can't remember I have seen so many coaching changes ever. I'm thrilled to see what happens when draft day finally has arrived and all the teams making moves. Still have no clue what the Celtics are going to do with PP and KG.

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He played under Jackson as

He played under Jackson as well as Doc, so I'm sure he could be a serviceable couch, especially if the Celtics do decide to rebuild. He was the Director of Development for the Celtics, and did a good job coaching their summer league for the Celtics. I would love for him to coach the team I follow (assuming the Celtics rebuild, if they reload then I want George).

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+1 for having a Tyrone Lue thread.

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