Tyreke playing well lately. Can he play point now?

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Tyreke playing well lately. Can he play point now?

Ever since he came back from an injury where he was out two games he's been really playing better and piling up the assists. His last 5 games off the bench assists wise have been 10, 6, 12, 10, & 9. All together his stats his last 5 games is 18.4 ppg, 9.4 apg, 7.2 rpg, 1.4 spg in 32 mpg. Maybe this whole 6th man thing could actually work out. I know he still can't really shoot but his statshave been impressive and I still beleive he can turn it around.

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I always belived he could pay

I always belived he could pay PG while in Sac, the problem wasn't him, it was that nobody on that team could make shots.

How do you get assists when nobody can hit a jumper, let alone a 3, catch the ball cleanly, dunk, post up, or cut?

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He need to stay on the bench

I always felt like Tyreke was a 6th Man caliber player because he takes too much away from your team starting. He can't shoot and need to the ball to be effective. He passes decent, but not really a PG. Jrue is actually having one of his best seasons as a pro numbers wise, the Pelicans are just playing in a tough conference. I think Eric Gordon should be traded for real. He honestly don't want to be there and the money he's making 15 points per game isn't cutting it. Maybe if Granger can stay healthy enough that would be a possible trade idea for both teams.

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I just think Tyreke is one of

I just think Tyreke is one of those guys that needs to find the right place to play. I just don't know which team that is yet. Maybe one of those tanking teams could trade for him in the off season to pair up with a Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker

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