Tyreke Evans: Point Guard?

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Tyreke Evans: Point Guard?

Do you guys think he will start at point guard for the kings next year? What do you think he will average? I think he will play 34 mins per game and average 17 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and a bad shooting % and a lot of turnovers. Do you guys think they drafted him as their point guard of the future?

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They might have

If they did then their stupid too, He is not a point guard. He can spell that position for short stretches, but he is not a point. When he learns how to shoot he will be a flat out big time scorer and that is what he is.

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I am sure he will be

I am sure he will be starting at the point because there is no way Kevin Martin will be coming off the bench...I look for him to average about 10pts 3rebs 4asts and maybe 1 steal

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I see Evens as a 2 Guard

I see Evens as a 2 Guard with no J right now.... Evans is similar to Jamal Crawford coming out of College, both were Hybrid Guards, Shoot first and Pass second mentality, Evans has a stronger body which will help but there is no way he will ever be a full - time 1 in this league.
I can say he will provide a better PG then Beno. They both have the same weakness; shooting, defending point guards and basketball awareness. Evans is better off starting, since he can post up 1's and fight thur picks better then beno.
I think this pick was made to plan on K - Marts exit. Kevin would be excellent trade bait at this point in his career (@26 Yrs) because he is stepping into his prime and you can junk any other player on the roster, beno, Kev thomas....

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