Tyreke Evans to Philadelphia??? Could he, Holiday and Turner co-exist???

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Tyreke Evans to Philadelphia??? Could he, Holiday and Turner co-exist???

The 76ers need a scorer and more importantly a player with an edge, Evans fits the bill and happens to have grown up close by.

The Sixers have the cap space to make Evans a nice offer and the Kings might not be able to match it...

Does bringing in Evans to score make sense? Can he and Holiday play Pg and Sg effectively? Can Evans and Turner play Sg and Sf together? I like both players but I don't like the fact neither has a great outside shot...

Should the 76ers sign Evans and trade Turner for an athletic 3 and D Sf to play off Jrue and Tyreke in the backcourt??? Should they keep Turner at Sg and try to find a 3 and D Sf in Free Agency or The Draft??? Is Turner a Sg or Sf? Where would you play him??? Would the The Raptors trade us Demar Derozen or Terrence Ross???

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There isn't room

For Evans, Turner, and Holiday to all dominate the ball and they all need it to be most effective.....Evans and Turner bring alot of the same things to the table.....Turner would have to be traded ideally for an Athletic shooter....a Ben McLemore perhaps?

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First thing that comes to

First thing that comes to mind is the lack of outside shooting. If you look at these playoffs, the Warriors, Heat, Spurs, and Knicks are all at the top of the league in shooting. The Sixers would need to get some stretch 4-5s to make this work in my opinion.

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Evans is better going to

Evans is better going to Orlando, Phx, ATL, Cha, New Orleans, Minnesota where they need a SG and he can get his touches

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Im not sure of their cap

Im not sure of their cap space, but I think that they along with Minnesota should strongly pursue Mayo...I think that Philly will have the edge in terms of location. Also- seems your a philly you offer Bynum a max deal? Someone will, so I don't buy the whole "resign him at a cheaper deal" thought. Do you go with Hawes as your 5? Do you pursue Pek from Minnesota? What do you do???

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Maybe him being home may make

Maybe him being home may make him hungry again or cure whatever problem he was having in Sacramento.

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If they get Tyreke I'd try to

If they get Tyreke I'd try to move ET for someone who can play off ball and shoot the 3. Granger type?

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TBH I think Tyreke and Turner

TBH I think Tyreke and Turner have basically the same skillset, so probably not.

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Tyreke could be useful if the

Tyreke could be useful if the 76ers intend on using either him or Evan Turner off the bench to run the second unit, but if the plan was to play him consistently with Jrue Holiday and Turner then it won't work at all.

As good as Tyreke was as a rookie, I'd love to see him get somewhere he can excel again. It may be Sacramento/Seattle (still a chance the Seattle group raised the bid by $75 million) with new management and coach that might cure what ails. I doubt the place for him would be Philadelphia though unless he or Turner take on a bench role.

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