Tyreke Evans

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Tyreke Evans

Do you believe the Kings are willing to trade Tyreke Evans? What are your thoughts on his NBA career so far?

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It's not about trading him right now, it's about if they want to resign him this summer..

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ofc theyre willing to trade him struggled since his rookie year

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He never improved his game from his Rookie year. Still doesn't have a consistent jump. I wouldn't be surprised by the Kings if they traded him. They traded Thomas Robinson. They drafted Jimmer.
Probably one of the worst managed teams in the league, next to the Bobcats.

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The kings easily have the

The kings easily have the worst management in the league, I remember watching the kings waiting for Jimmer to show he belongs in the league in his rookie year last year,and I was just disgraceful basketball to watch,They are all selfish and just care about their stats.Its almost as if they think they are playing a pickup game at the gym,it made me feel bad for Damarcus Cousins because he will probably never reach his full potential on that team,but then again he isn't helping the cause,being the best player and doing the exact same team while being immature.

Back to Tyreke Evans I think the Mavs should sign him and make him the starting pg next year,him and O.J. Mayo would make a great back court

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^^ great idea^

I def think reke needs to be the ball dominating guard and to play with oJ would be a great tandem for years in my opinion

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The Kings.

I think it's hard to assess any of the Kings players at this point. Opportunity and situation are everything. Jimmer produces when he gets minutes but one game he plays 15 minutes then the next 5 games he has DNP's. One year Tyreke is a PG, the next year SG, and then SF and then back to PG. What is their plan for him? He excelled having the ball in his hands and has struggled playing off the ball. DeMarcus Counsins lacks guidance and is legitimately nuts...but I happen to believe that a part of his immaturity is based upon the poor environment in which he plays.

In short; there appears to be no plan in place for how they want to play and the direction in which they want to go.

The truth is if I am Tyreke Evans I sign with a stable organization with a nice history of developing their players while at the same time looking for an opportunity to grow.

If I am him I look at Boston where Doc Rivers understands how to get the most out of players. Or a coach/team like San Antonio or even somewhere like Chicago where he will be coached and held accountable.

Other coaches who would be good for him are Carlisle in Dallas. He would fit nicely in that environment.

But he needs to get out of Sacramento before they turn him into a journeyman with no confidence.

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I feel that the whole Kings

I feel that the whole Kings team needs to get blown up. Other than I.T., DeMarcus Cousins (even though he has his off the court problems), Patterson, and MAYBE Jimmer, I think that everyone else is expendable. I also like Cole Aldrich on the team too as they don't really have that great of a Shot Blocker, and he seems to be the best one on that team. They have to blow that team up, blow up that management, coaching staff, and start over and build through the draft. I feel like if Nate McMillan were to coach that team, maybe they would be in a little bit better of a position to grow as a team and get better defensively. So basically, I think that Tyreke Evans is expendable, and isn't really a great fit for that team, so I wouldn't give him a big offer or anything like that and let him walk or do a sign and trade for 2014 draft picks

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hes not a bad player... hes a

hes not a bad player... hes a good player... nice talent but we all know that.. every player in the nba has talent (I guess even Jodie meeks)... its a very very competitive league..the rest of the league caught up to him after his astonishing rookie yr... his jumper is still holding him back because he can attack the rim it seems against anybody when given a chance... its kinda similar to blake griffin how when after his amazing rookie yr.. the rest of the league stared to know his tendencies somewhat better... I remember Charles barkley two seasons ago saying when blake was a rookie how blake would adjust to not playing at 110 mph constantly... and its evident that griffin at times can struggle with length when the game slows down.. so im just interested to see how these two in particular continue to grow for the next 3-4 yrs... blake especially.. he still possesses that superstar potential clearly

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Meeks is the worst player in the league by far

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Any chance a guy like Tyreke

Any chance a guy like Tyreke prefers less money and goes to a stable organization like the Celtics, Spurs or the Thunder? Signing for less years (say 2 yrs) for less money just to make sure he becomes a better player?

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They need to do a quick sign

They need to do a quick sign and trade him for a 2014 pick.

Draft Trey Burke this season and hope they get a top-20 pick in 2014 as well as their own pick and add some character and leadership to that team.

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I don't watch alot of Kings

I don't watch alot of Kings games but what is his natural position ? I know he needs the ball in his hands alot. As a pistons fan, could he mesh with Brandon Knight in Detroit. Still working out if Knight is a PG or SG. Can they co-exist where Tyreke can have the ball and Knight can play off the ball ? Defensively Knight could guard their PG and Tyreke their SG.

If the Pistons don't get a top 5 pick and land Otto Porter would they consider trading their pick for Tyreke ? A lineup of Knight, Tyreke, Monroe and Drummond looks good both performance and attitude wise. Pistons still need a SF but are going to be way under the cap soon so they could sign a quality SF.

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Tyreke had a lot of early success because he played pg the first year in Sacramento. He put up insane numbers because nobody can stop a 6'5 point guard whose has a combo of ball handle and quickness like him. He could get to the hole at will and when the d would collapse he would just kick it out, but they made him switch positions after his rookie year because he was just an untraditional pg

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Fire management and change

Fire management and change coaches. No solution will work without those two steps.

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