Tyler Ulis

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Tyler Ulis

There's a bit of a battle going on for the diminutive PG out of Marion Catholic high school. Between Iowa, Michigan State, and Kentucky. I did a little write up on my blog about it and where I think he should go. If any of you guys care to read about what I think, here's the link:

Where do you think he goes? He may be small but he is a VERY talented lead guard.

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prob kentucky theyre saying

prob kentucky theyre saying right? But I mean as good as he is, he isnt a kentucky type PG, UK really took a hit when Mudiay commited to SMU, Sorry to change topics to Kentucky but it just worries me that if harrison leaves(which im assuming is a good chance) they wont be able to find an elite level point gauyd...and if Ullis DOSNT go there then they will have to go even lower down the board...I am sorry if i offended anyone but I just dont think he is UK-material. And hes only 5'8", sounds like he would end up like ryan harrow if he went to kentucky. But good luck to him!

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Who cares if he doesn't fit

Who cares if he doesn't fit the mold? If he's good, he's good and Ulis is good. He's the quintessential floor general. Great floor game with great speed, a nasty handle and leadership qualities, including an ability to make his teammates better. Who was the last PG at Kentucky you could say that about? Maybe Kentucky could use a stabilizer at that position who is a core player and will be with the team for 3-4 yrs. This kid is not Ryan Harrow. He can actually make good decisions.

I won't speculate as to where he might go, but he seems like more of an MSU kid to me.

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Ulis is better than Harrow

Ulis is better than Harrow and tougher.

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