Tyler Lamb to Long Beach St

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Tyler Lamb to Long Beach St

Good pickup for them. I know he is best friends with another transfer, Keala King, thats why he went there. He has potential. It will be interesting to see if they give him a full two years, since he played only one game this season

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UCLA was dumb to let this kid

UCLA was dumb to let this kid get out of the grasp, like many before him, he brought a vereran leadership to the team as a sophomore and would compete on a nightly bases despite the attitudes around him, good for LB State.

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no real choice

ucla would of loved to keep him but there were no minutes for him. Tyler played the 2 and 3 and at those positions we have shabazz and jordan adams playing 30 minutes with powell getting the left over 20. Tyler would of probably would of got less than 10 of those minutes, and next year he still would of probably not started since powell would get shabazz's spot once he leaves. It was a good choice for him to go somewhere he can be featured.

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