Tyler Ennis

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Tyler Ennis

He has been lighting it up in the FIBA World Championships averaging 20 points. He scored 42 points today against China and he looked impressive when I watched him play against Team USA yesterday even though he only had 11 that game. The first time I ever watched him play live was at the 2013 JBC where I was even impressed then. Obviously him playing at Syracuse gives him great exposure where he will right away fill in Michael Carter-Williams' shoes and take over the PG position. He is very quick and really knows how to score and he still could improve at getting other players involved but this guy has 1st round talent guaranteed. Marcus Smart looks like a lock to be the first PG taken next year but after that it's Andrew Harrison, Semaj Christon, Spencer Dinwiddie and Kasey Hill according to most mock draft's. Right now I can see potential in Ennis being a one and done at Syracuse and as a first round sleeper in the next draft.

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I wouldn't call him quick but

I wouldn't call him quick but he's big for his position, strong and he knows how to use leverage and extension on his drives. I can imagine him bullying those weak Chinese guards.

Plays with a lot of poise and a great pace. Kinda like NWG, but NWG's more of a pure point whereas Ennis is more of a scorer. Ennis does a better job getting all the way to the hoop. IDK how that's gonna translate to the highest level though since he's not particularly explosive.

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He went absolutely bananas

He went absolutely bananas today. The Canadian team should have been much better. Tyler is good, Lyles was alright when he played but my issue all tournament was with Xavier. He is an absolute chucker, selfish, just not a team player. I was not impressed one bit. Against the USA the other day Xavier began the game 2-9 from the line.

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Yeah Tyler is the truth.. He

Yeah Tyler is the truth.. He reminds me of Kyrie just the way he scores and gets to the lane.. He could be too 15

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