twolves moving forward

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twolves moving forward

This is what the TWolves depth chart looks like assuming they re-sign Pekovic and they drop the team options on Steimsma and Gelebale:

Pek/Dieng/Chris Johnson

Looks like a team that's over the salary cap. I think they're at $50 million before signing Pekovic, maybe $62 million after. Glen Taylor can't take it with him, and he wants a winner before he dies, so I can see them paying the luxury tax, no problem.

I guess my thought is this: Can we turn two players who play the same position in Luke Ridnour and JJ Barea into two players who do something else. They're owed $10 million between the two of them.

Simply put, we have too many point guards. We could stand to add a wing defender and possibly more shooting. Jerry Zgoda, a beat writer for the wolves, agrees with me (he adds a few thoughts of his own too).

I think Zgoda, like me, is an optimist. He sees Evan Turner or Trevor Ariza (played for Adelman) as viable and affordable contracts. Let me just say that I know there are a lot of ET fans on this site and the lot of you probably think that Ridnour or Barea for Turner is ludicrous. So for hypotheticals I'll say we trade Ridnour to the Wizards for Ariza. Ok. Now, Assuming Dallas doesn't get Dwight Howard in free agency (and isn't hardcore about capspace), the Wolves then trade Barea for a second round pick and Ricky Ledo.

The updated TWolves depth chart would look something like this:

Pek/Dieng/Chris Johnson

That roster looks more balanced if you believe that Shved can be the full-time back up PG. I believe he can if he follows the words of wisdom below.

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I agree

The Wolves need to Trade one of thier back up PGs, but I dont see a proble with holding on to three PGs.
Shved can also be used at the 2. The Wolves mainly need someone who can be their stopper, as of now the only impressive Defensive players is Rubio, so If they could shed either Ridnour or Barea they could possibly get someone like an Ariza, or perhaps to a sign and trade for Barnes (since LA just traded thier backup PG), Even if its for a draft pick and then bring in someone like Corey Brewer.

But thier next wing player should have a defensive presence, because as of now this team is sick on offense, but will have trouble stoping anyone.

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Canis Hoopus

I like the ideas they've had about signing Al-Farouq Aminu or Corey Brewer (IRONY!!!) on the cheap to help cover up the defensive black hole that is Kevin Martin.

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On paper, they look like a

On paper, they look like a really competitive squad, but like the past two years, it's gonna come down to injuries. If their core can stay on the court, I think they're a lower level playoff team, but if the injury bug keeps hitting then, well, back to the lotto.

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If this team can stay healthy then I can easily see this team in the playoffs. If they start Rubio, Martin, Budinger, Love, and Pekovic then they would have a very strong starting 5, at least offensively. With Barea, Shabazz, Williams, Dieng, Ledo, and Shved all coming off the bench this team wont have any problem with scoring. The thing I worry about is defense. The only guy really known for his defense is Dieng and hes going to be the backup C. They could possibly have 2 of the biggest steals in the draft in Ledo and Shabazz and neither one will be rushed to play big minutes right away. By the end of the season those 2 guys will have gotten a lot of experience under their belt and should provide a big lift in the next few years on this Timberwolves team and possible take the starting 2/3 spots by then.

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Honestly their rotation looks

Honestly their rotation looks so bad defensively, but their offense its gonna be fun to would be in their best interest to add some athletic defensive players.

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