Twolves Draft

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Twolves Draft

Well, as one of the biggest Bazz skeptics on this site it's a given that the team I'm a fan of (the Wolves) ended up drafting him. I was upset about it at first, but looking at it now I do believe Flip did the best he could with the circumstances he was given. Being a diehard fan I've gone from a Bazz skeptic to the Bazz bandwagon in a matter of hours. I really hope that he gets it together and focuses on becoming a positive contributor on what should be a playoff contending team. It's unfortunate that KCP and McLemore came off the board with the two picks prior to the Wolves, but I'm starting to think that Bazz will actually be a decent fit with this team. With KCP and McLemore off the board Flip took the BPA and used that to grab the 14th and 21st, which ended up getting us Dieng, which I am really happy about. I think that Shabazz will definitely benefit from playing with Rubio and although I don't think he's an explosive athlete by any means I do think he's a little more athletic than he showed at UCLA. He needs to work on getting into peak physical shape so that he'll be able to play the two, which will definitely be expected of him on this team next year. His defense needs work and he has to improve his lateral quickness, but I do like his length and strength. It will definitely be scary defensively having him, DWill, Love, and Pek on the floor at the same time (I don't think this will be the starting lineup, but they'll definitely be on the floor alot together). That will be one of the slowest lineups in the league and everyone of those guys needs to work this offseason to get better defensively. The one thing I do really like about Bazz is the fact he can put the ball in the basket, and that is something this team really needs. Also, he is a fierce competitor (sometimes to a fault, see Larry Drew III incident) and that's another thing this team could use. The Brown pick was a nice steal, but if we're gonna use him we gotta try to move either Barea or Ridnour. Overall, I can't say I'm happy with this draft, but at least my frustration stems from unfortunate circumstances rather than boneheaded management (Kahn). The life of a diehard fan for a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 9 years is rough, but you gotta stay optimistic, so all I can say is PLEASE don't be a cancer Shabazz. Go Wolves....

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I think the TWolves certainly

I think the TWolves certainly did the best of the teams on the cusp of the playoffs as far as getting immediate help. They needed a scorer to play the wing and a big man as insurance for Pekovic leaving. I think they did a great job moving the 9th pick because once KCP went 8th it only made sense to get two players that could help them instead of one.

I think the Wizards are another team that helped themselves and could get into the playoffs but that Porter pick was a no brainer.

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Best thing about shabazz is

Best thing about shabazz is that saunders said he is still going to go get a starting shooting guard in free agency.

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Flip's not off to a great start

SO PISSED that the Wolves took Shabazz. Flip messed up this draft big time:

1) Trading Trey Burke. So I expected him to do this. NOT to a freaking DIVISION RIVAL though. Utah instantly becomes a much better team with this deal. I expected a trade to Detroit for KCP, while giving up something else like Ridnour (expiring contract) or Barea as well.

2) Bazz. Anyone who wants some fun reading about Shabazz should go on Canis Hoopus (the Wolves SB Nation blog). He projects as one of the worst players in the draft with their advanced metric models.

3) Who they're going after. Flip has said he covets OJ Mayo, and already appears to be shoving Kirilenko out the door. WTF. So we'd be losing a still top-flight defensive wing in AK, and gaining another SG who has questionable shot selection and poor defensive skills.

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I think T-Wolves did the best

I think T-Wolves did the best thing considering who was still on the board, their needs and took the BPA. Also, while I'm not the biggest fan of his game, I think people overreacted because he didn't live up to the hype and wish him the best. But at the same time I fear that, unless he starts changing a lot in his game, he might be the kind of player that Adelman keeps in his doghouse forever. Adelman likes unselfish players, willing to do extra-passes, with high basketball IQ and right now Shabazz looks like the exact opposite.

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