Twolves in the 2011-2012 season

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Twolves in the 2011-2012 season

Just out of curiousity.... the wolves added some nice pieces so far in the offseason and i want your opinion for what there record might be next year..... im guessing 30-38 wins?

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Lots of talent but not a lot

Lots of talent but not a lot of wins

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They'll score enough points to possibly win that much...

...but they'll let in enough points to lose 55-60. My guess is they win 20-24 games.

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I'm thinking something like

I'm thinking something like 27-55

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The team still won't have a

The team still won't have a clue about playing defense. I don't think they will end up with the worst record in the league like this year, but this is still going to be a very young team. I think 25-57 would be pretty realistic considering they went 17-65 this year. This is basically still the same exact team with two new rookies in Rubio and Williams be added.

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Minny has lots of potential as their team is mostly made out of high lottery picks, so the talent is there but the results havent come yet. Its kinda odd that they will be starting a 5th pick(Rubio), a 4th pick(Johnson), a 2nd pick(Beasley), a 5th pick(Love), and a 2nd pick(Milicic) with a 2nd pick(Williams) as their 6th man and they will still be one of the worst teams in the league. I don't think any team has that many high picks starting or even on their roster, probably cause it doesn't really work lol.

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PG Ricky Rubio: 6,5 ppg 3,2

PG Ricky Rubio: 6,5 ppg 3,2 rpg 7,6 apg 1,8 spg 0,2 bpg in 28-32 mpg

SG Wes Jonhson: 10,8 ppg 4,2 rpg 2,1 apg 0,9 spg 0,9 bpg in 31 mpg

SF Derrick Williams: 15,3 ppg 6,8 rpg 1,4 apg 0,8 spg 0,6 bpg in 34 mpg

PF Kevin Love: 23,1 ppg 14,8 rpg 2,6 apg 0,6 spg 0,6 bpg in 38,2 mpg

C Darko Milicic: 7,5 ppg 5 rpg 1,3 apg 0,8 spg 1,8 bpg in 24 mpg

6-man Anthony Randolph: 14,4 ppg 6,2 rpg 1,5 apg 0,9 spg 1,8 bpg in 30 mpg

7 Luke Ridnour: 8,8 ppg 2,3 rpg 4,3 apg 1 spg 0,1 bpg in 24 mpg

¡Michael Beasley Trade!

Total wins: 34

Memphis Madness
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I think they will win 31

I think they will win 31 games next year. A 14 win improvement would be very good.

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Detroit/Minnesota trade

Detroit/Minnesota trade proposal:

MINNESOTA RECIEVES: Ben Gordon and a future lottery-protected 1st round pick

DETROIT RECIEVES: Martell Webster and Nikola Pekovic

Minnesota essentially gets two things that they need: a) a veteran on the perimeter, and b) a solid shooting gaurd. Detroit gets rid of the logjam on the perimeter, plus clear a little salary cap room for the future..

Just wanted to get your thoughts on this idea I had.

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Gordon for Pek

Gordon is the offensive SG they need but it isn't ideal because of his Ole' style of defense. With B Miller now on the squad they are carrying too many Centers and the 1st round pick would sweeten the pot.

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I'm trying to figure out why

I'm trying to figure out why there are so many T-Wolves topics every day? They've won a grand total of 32 games combined in the last two years. They'll be lucky to win 25.

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I see 37 wins.

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They have many guys that can

They have many guys that can produce but can't defend. I think that talent will be enough for maybe 30 wins, but not more. Still they'll have a nice core.

If I were them I'd trade either Beasley or Williams even if it hurts but if a player cannot get the PT to have produce and have a certain trade value he's useless. That's why I think getting rid of Flynn was the right choice. If he plays 15mpg you might not have gotten that much for him in the next years. So a kind of smart move by Kahn.

He is still an idiot because quote: "We drafted Johnny because we needed a PG while Rubio was still overseas." And that's why you waste the 6th pick? *facepalm*

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32-50 is my guess. and those

32-50 is my guess.

and those stats are sad...rubio better average more than 6 ppg...and trading beasley you say? who the F are they receiving for him cuz your stats are indicating that the player they get wont be in their top 8

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I used to feel sorry for Kahn... now I only feel sorry for the fans of the T-Wolves... 30wins would be max for this team... I like a lot of their individual talent but they just aren't a complete team... no true center or shooting gaurd... Ton's of potential.... they just need to stay patient and keep gathering talent.... I think they should've hung on to that 20th pick... They waited this long on Rubio why not a true center... I know (Kahn).

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