Two Young Big Men - Who Do You Pick

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Two Young Big Men - Who Do You Pick

DeAndre Jordan And Javale McGee are Two young Centers that can become something special in this league. Both Players are in great positions and this year could become their breakout year. DeAndre Jordan is Part of the Formidable Clippers frontcourt with Blake Griffin and Caron Butler, and has Chris Paul at the point. While Javale McGee has John Wall in Washington to throw him alleyoops. Jordan is 6'11, 265. He definately has a very good NBA Body in his 4th Year in the league, he became the starter for the clippers last season averaging 7 points, 7 rebounds and around 2 blocks a game in 25 Minutes. With the departure of Chris Kaman (and if he learns to stay off foul trouble) he should get more minutes this year maybe get around 30 or above Minutes a game. Javale McGee finally got the start last year where he averaged 10 Points and 8 rebounds with more than 2 blocks a game in 28 Minutes. Similar to Jordan if he avoids foul trouble, he should get more playing time and have an even better year this upcoming season.
Both players are extremely long and athletic (We all know they catch alot of alley-oops). We all know Javale McGees huge arms and his weaknessand lack of body strength (7'0 250). DeAndre on the other hand does not posess the same wingspan (but still has a good one) but is obviously stronger than mcgee. Good shot blockers, good rebounders. Both also have not shown any post game in the NBA. And have been plagued by Foul Trouble (Both Players averaged around 3 Fouls a game).
With all that Said, who do yall pick to have the better year this upcoming season and who will be the better player in the future.

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Jordan is in the better

Jordan is in the better position, team wise he will have the better year. His team will be better than McGee's and he wont have nearly as much pressure on him as McGee will. McGee better stats this year.....Jordan should have the better overall year though. In the future, its hard to say but McGee has a chance to be the more recognized of the two because he will be relied upon for more. Both are freakish physical specimens but really I think they are close to being the same.....I have to say even.

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Jordan, McGee is a bonehead.

Jordan, McGee is a bonehead. He gives you three good laughs per game though.

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McGee is more talented

McGee is more talented offensively, while Jordan is better defensively. Both are similar players for the most part.

I will say that I like Jordan better though because he seems to be more mature mentally and understands his role.

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i will take Jordan, McGee may

i will take Jordan, McGee may have more talent but he is a mess and headcase, Jordan has the ability and mind to be effective role player.

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I'd take McGee

McGee is more skilled offensively (even though he isn't the most polished himself). The only way Jordan can score is by dunking. McGee at least has some post moves (dropstep, hook shot) and can handle the ball past the free throw line.

Defensively, both are great shot-blockers, but bad defenders.

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I agree that McGee is the

I agree that McGee is the more talented player but Jordan seems to have more maturity to his game and he also has the upside of now having CP3 as his provider. McGee will get upside from John Wall but CP3 is at an elite level already which Wall has yet to reach. McGee may get more shots but I can see Jordan getting some nice easy baskets this year as Griffin draws double teams.

I'll be interested to see what sort of 2nd contract McGee gets, I could see it being similar in value to Jordan's as despite his question marks, young bigmen with upside are always sought after.

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