Two trades that should go down

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Two trades that should go down

1.Toronto would rather have value for Bosh than nothing, in my opinoin there is a threeway trade thats great for all teams in it

Raptors-Brewer,Flynn/Sessions, 23rd and 45th pick From Minni

Bosh reportedly wants to go to the lakers and that gives the lakers a 1b scoring threat and takes a load off kobe
Bynum goes to the wolves who've always been looking for a true center while making room for Rubio by trading Flynn or Sessions
Raptors get what i think is more of an uptempo team with Brewer and Flynn and can continue to build theyre team with the 14th, 23rd, and 45th picks

2. Minnesota apperantly wants Turner at all costs

Wolves- 2nd pick, Elton Brands horrible contract, 6th pick
76ers- 4th pick, a lot of cap relief, Monte Ellis
Warrioirs- Jefferson, Dalembert,16th pick

Wolves get their man Turner with the cost of Brands horrible contract, they also get the 6th pick from the Warriors for Jefferson.
76ers are under the cap and also have the 4th pick, the also have a legit shooting gaurd in Ellis annd can move Iguadala back to forward.
Warriors get their big of the future in Jefferson and an expiring contract along with the 16th pick, the also finally get Ellis outta town

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