The Two Pronged Idea with Carmelo (NJ) (NY)

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The Two Pronged Idea with Carmelo (NJ) (NY)

A couple things targeting Carmelo Anthony.

Why would he want to play in New Jersey?

I asked this 1000 times in the summer, noone answered. I said this before " Why would he want to go to New Jersey?" Now, the Nets are terrible, Brook Lopez ( Who I thought would have Duncan like 3rd season) is playing piss-poor and Devin Harris? Still overrated. I just wonder what's the goal for him?

Also, subtract Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy and 2 1st round picks to Denver and you have Devin Harris, Jordan Farmar, Kris Humpries, Brook Lopez, Travis Outlaw and a bunch of bad players.

The Knicks waiting for Carmelo?

I've been pro "Go Get Carmelo" since the summer. Now? I'm stagnant. Looking at the salaries for the Knicks, plus the fact the CBA is almost up, plus the fact Melo wants a big deal. A BIG DEAL. I feel adding Carmelo to Amar'e gives them two top 15 players. However, teams aren't made with just 2 players.

The Knicks could rebuild around these guys but I dunno. After missing out on LeBron, trading legit players ( Zach Randolph, Jamal Crawford) for nothing. Should we wait? Landry Fields, Wilson Chandler and Gallinari are players who can be moved yet, aren't easy to come by? I don't know.

The Quiet 3rd team: Houston?

First off, what's up with Houston? Dryal Morey made a terrible trade this past week. I just question the whole plan thing now (Even though, the Kevin Martin deal is quietly looking like a steal)

Could Houston make a run for him?

Aaron Brooks, Shane Battier, Jordan Hill, Jared Jefferies and a 1st round pick (NY) for Carmelo, Balkman and Anderson?

Could that get it done?

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That would be pretty cool if he went there. Especially if they used a couple NY pieces haha

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A couple sleeper teams could

A couple sleeper teams could be the magic during the season and potentially the wizards once the draft lottery is selected

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