Two players I'm looking forward to seeing go up against each other.

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Two players I'm looking forward to seeing go up against each other.

I'm really hoping and looking forward to seeing Andrew Harrison go up against Marcus Smarts. Because these two are really big physical guards running a team.

Andrew seems to a be the full package offensively. He is a good shooter, good passer, great handles and good all around athlete. Marcus is a hard nose player, that plays with intensity. He is extremely strong, great defender, good athlete, good mid range shooter, great mentality and leadership on both sides of the court.

I haven't watched Andrew enough to know if he is a true PG, but with Marcus, imo he is more of a two guard playing the one. I know I'm going to likely get ripped by everyone for saying that again like in the Marcus Smart. This is just my opinion, I'm not hating on him or a naysayer on his talent.

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I'm ready to see the Harrison

I'm ready to see the Harrison twins go against each other in the nba

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Andrew is an overrated ball

Andrew is an overrated ball handler and shooter to be honest. I think a lot of people are going to be disapointed in him, not because he isnt a great player, but he wont play up to the lofty expectations.

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Harrison is definitely an overrated ball-handler. His dribble is way too high and wont allow him to attack the defense properly. His quickness will be wasted unless he fixes it...

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i agree marcus smart is

i agree marcus smart is slashing 2 that will be placed in a role of pg when he hits the league, because he is very strong and athletic. He didnt average enough assts last year for me, but nba gm's these day are always looking to turn someone into a dynamic pg, well nba gm's try to take on many projects period. I havent seen harrison play except in highlights and the mcdonalds all american game. While he was one of the few guys trying to play under control and unselfishly in that game, i am waiting for to critique him until i see him on tv at kentucky this year.

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Andrew is not a good shooter

Andrew is not a good shooter right now. He shot less than 30% from 3 this past yr. He's got a ton of potential, but I'm not sure he's going to learn the finer of points of the PG position at Kentucky.
He's very ball-dominant and tends to take turns with his brother. He's got a lot to learn in terms of flow, organization, distribution....and NOT playing with his brother. Not everything is 1 on 1/ playmaking and he doesn't understand that...yet.

I'm still not convinced that Smart is a full-time PG. I watched him at the U19's and he was best utilized off the ball where he could attack, crash the glass and make plays from the wing or baseline with the occasional corner 3. I just don't think his ball skills and decision making are good enough to be a full-time point.

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