Two more draft updates

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Two more draft updates

Jared Cunningham is officialy in the 2012 NBA Draft and will forego his senior year.

My take: He's undersized for a shooting guard at 6-4, but he's a terrific athlete and defender and looks like a mid-2nd round pick. He might have been a late 1st rounder if he stayed and worked on his shooting and ball-handling skills, so I'm not the biggest fan of his decision.

John Jenkins will also forego his senior year and enter the 2012 NBA Draft.

My take: Jenkins had a very solid season, averaging 20 points and help leading the Commodores to an SEC Championship. He's a very good player, but might be pushed to the early second because of the number of talented shooting guards in this year's class. His decision is understandable, as a number of seniors (Festus Ezeli, Jeffery Taylor, etc...) are leaving.

Thoughts on these prospects and where they will go in the draft?

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John Jenkins

I think Jenkins could develop into a great role player, he was the man on that Vanderbilt team, it and it's a wise choice by him to go when his stock is high, not haveing Ezeli and Taylor to cover up some of his weakness' could really hurt his stock next year.

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Ya Cunningham shoul have

Ya Cunningham shoul have stayed to work on his skills and OSU would have been pretty good.

100% agree with Jenkins decision though... had nothing left to prove

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