Tweeners/Ballers/& tons of ????

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Tweeners/Ballers/& tons of ????

Tweeners how can they thrive in the L. Here they are according to some people

Tweeners Guy's stuck between 2 different Positions

TJones was getting much buzz early in the Season but has slipped on some boards

PJones: How can you go from #1 Overall pick all the way down to 7th in less than a month. He is compared to McGrady/ARandolph, that is the biggest contrast i've seen in a long time. But 6'11" 235 is not ideal weight for a PF. And can he develop SF skills in the L.

Some guy's that can fit this other mode Ballers( Just give them the ball & let'em play)

DWill is a Baller i have to look @ his measurements to see how his wing span is, but i believe he is listed @ 6'8

The ? about this draft to me are the OverSeas guy's That may creep into the Top 5

If i miss any players leave a comment or add players

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