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tv games

ok so you get to pick 5 games you want to see on TV this upcoming season. try to add a couple games that might go under the radar, and explain why. ill start with the big games nd then go to the underrated games.

heat vs thunder. (this doesnt need much explaining, however i wanna see the matchup of lebron and KD again to see if KD will grow over the summer as a player. plus the addition of ray allen to the heat (maybe)

lakers vs clippers. with the addition of steve nash, and the clipper getting a full summer training camp under their belt, this is one id love to watch

BK Nets vs NY Knicks (heres the start of a sub way series in bball baby, oh and btw lets go KNICKS)

NO Hornets vs Celtics (COACH Doc Rivers vs Austin Rivers, i want to see their demeanor on the court (friendly to eachother, rivers tries to hard, etc etc. and then obviously watching anthony davis is a bonus to me)

last but not least.

Cavs vs Wizards (2 up and coming PGS)

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I'd like to see the Lakers in

I'd like to see the Lakers in Toronto. I could never imagine Nash ever getting booed in Canada or anything, but it might be a little awkward for sure. Probably the coolest reception he's ever gotten.

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Alright my five games are -

Alright my five games are -

1. Lakers vs Clippers. - Definitely want to see how Nash changes things up in LA. When Paul came to the Clippers the team was considered the better team but now with Nash being there the Lakers may be the better team for a few more years?

2. Whatever team trades for Dwight Howard vs the Orlando Magic - If the Magic were to somehow beat Dwights new team obviously it would be pretty funny to watch.

3. Dallas vs Boston - I would LOVE to see Mark Cubans facial reactions when he sees the Jet in a Celtics uniform destroying the Mavericks. What was he thinking putting all his chips in D-Will and Dwight?

4. NJ vs Heat - Yes I love the idea of NY vs NJ but I assume a majority of people are going to pick that and I'd honestly like to see what the Nets can do now against the Heat with their new squad (Also depending on if they get Dwight.)

5. Cavaliers vs Washington - I agree with the idea of being able to see the battle of #1 PGs in Wall vs Irving but I also would love to watch Waiters and Beal go at it. They're two different types of 2 guards and they never had a chance to matchup against each other before. I think this is a game a lot of Cavs fans are waiting for.

6. Cavaliers vs NOH - Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers against Kyrie and Waiters, this game IMO will definitely be a close one. Also would love to see the #1 picks go at it, obviously Davis is a defensive player, Kyrie offensive, would be interesting to watch. (Yes I added an extra game.)

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1.Washington vs Cleveland.

1.Washington vs Cleveland. The first match up of Wall and Irving last year was really good. Think Irving was hurt or something the next 2 times they played though.Should be even better this time. Wall/Beal vs Irving/Waiters. Irinocally both pairs wear #2 and #3. I may actually go to that game.

2.Nola vs Boston. You forgot to mention in this match up that Davis will be matching up with KG who he's been compared to a lot. On top of the fact that It's a coach vs his son. I expect that one to get to a little hype leading up to it

3. Detroit Pistons vs Sacremento Kings. Andre Drummond/Greg Monroe/Brandon Knight vs Cousins/T-Rob/Thomas.This is just me but i actually like watching the more up and coming teams with young talent go at it. It's not as lopsided as let's say the heat vs bobcats. I espect both Monroe and Cousins to have breakout years and seeing those two plus rookie bigs Robinson and Drummond go at it should be interesting.

4. Lakers vs OKC. Lakers are hoping Nash/Kobe back court get them back to the Finals and right now OKC is the team to beat.

5. Boston vs Miami. If Ray Allen decides to sign with Miami this is going to be a heated match up.(no pun) Boston already moving foward with Terry and Ray didn't like coming off the bench for Bradley.

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