Turners NBA Impact

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Turners NBA Impact

Now that it's all but a lock that Evan Turner will go to the sixers at 2, what do you think his stats & impact will be. Is he a 20-5-5 type guy, does he put the sixers in the playoffs next season? What are your thoughts?

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My thoughts are if Cousins

My thoughts are if Cousins becomes the next Shaq ima be pissed and we have too many wings now because my favorite player is Thad and he won't get to start now. But a lineup of Holiday, Turner, and Iggy is very imposing. They are all good defenders if not great ones, and have extremely versatile skill sets. Despite what people think Iggy and Turner can play together i hate when people say they can't. It dont make ne sense. Having two starting versatile wings isn't a bad thing. Look how many Chips Pippen and Jordan won.

I think Turner will be Rookie of the Year tho. In His Rookie Year he will probably have averages around 17, 6, n 4.

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