Turned down deal between Indy and Minnesota

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Turned down deal between Indy and Minnesota

Proposed deal:

Indy Sends:
- 10th pick
- maybe a player, probably expiring deal to make flynn work

Minny Sends:
- Jonny Flynn
- 16th Pick
- 23rd Pick

This must mean there is either serious life to the Ty Lawson deal or they are completely sold on someone at the 10th pick.

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I dont understand, the report

I dont understand, the report earlier was that Minny said no to Indy for Jonny Flynn for the 10th pick, straight up

Now the T-Wolves have added TWO first draft picks, and the Pacers are the ones saying No?

These rumors are crazy, dont know which ones to believe....

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This has already been posted today

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Other way around. According

Other way around. According to a source, Indiana opened the trade talk and Minnesota said no. I don't know who said it but is reporting it...


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dios mios!

dios mios!

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I think this is what happened

The Pacers started a conversation by offering #10 for Flynn.

The TWolves rejected the deal but countered with something much bigger that would involve Flynn + #16 + #23 for #10 + something.

I assume the something would probably include Danny Granger, and hence the Pacers may back off from the deal.

There was a rumor that the TWolves was going after a top tier player that is not named LBJ, Paul, Bosh, Amare, Melo. That top tier player may just be Granger. The Twolves need more shooting, and Granger is perfect for them. It could includ Al Jefferson in the deal and then draft DeMarcus Cousins. It's hard to say for now though.

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yah the only way i could see

yah the only way i could see them turning it down was if it was Granger. The wolves are mad they picked mccants over granger and want him

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