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I was watching Around the Horn and Wilbon suggested that Toronto should try to trade Hedo Turkoglu to Washington for Gilbert Arenas. Is this a good or even feasible idea?
I know that the salaries for a straight trade dont work, but if Toronto throws in Marcus Banks the salaries are no longer an issue.
Toronto gets a proven scorer at the PG position who isnt exactly the most well behaved character in the league, but should be pretty good after that whole prison and halfway house stint. However he has alot of money and years left on his contract.
Washington gets a versatile point forward to help in all probability John Wall in a halfcourt setting and stretch the defense to keep the paint open for Blatche, Wall, and Thornton. A gritty defensive PG with one year left on a nearly 5 mil salary in Banks.They also free up the PG position for John Wall to take over, and remove the questionable influence of Gilbert Arenas from the locker room.
I personally being a raps fan want this trade to go through but thats just me.

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if we can trade jose and hedo

if we can trade jose and hedo i would do that, i wouldnt trade banks in that deal i would use him sumwhere else, he is an expiring contract he could be a valuable trade chip since a lot of teams are looking for expiring contracts...i'd rather ship out jose and his contract out of town, plus there would be no use of him if we trade for agent 0..

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