Turiaf signs with Clips

The LAtimes is reporting The Clips have sign Ronnie Turiaf to a 1 yr deal for the vets minimum. Turiaf will likely take over Reggie role on the team. IMO, this is a great move for the Clips who have continued to add depth to their bench w/t Hollins, Turiaf, Odom, Hill, Crawford, Bledsoe, Thompkins and maybe Morrison this team could challenge for the top seed in the West next season.

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This team needs bigmen who

This team needs bigmen who can hit FT's in close games. They will Never beat the elite in the playoffs without them.

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Ronnie is a career 67% FT

Ronnie is a career 67% FT shooter not too bad for a big men. Anyhow, neither Jordan or Turiaf will be in at the end of the game that's Odom job who's a career 70% FT shooter so Clips will be fine, no doubt the deepest bench on the league.

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Big pickup......

Big pickup......

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Another nice pick up, it will

Another nice pick up, it will be interesting to see how the Clippers line up down the stretch, would they look to have both Odom and Hill on court I wonder.

Also I wonder what K-Mart will do now and if they may still even resign him.

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Turiaf is a serviceable

Turiaf is a serviceable big... I just can't wait to see Reggie air ball FTs for his next team

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