A true anomally

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A true anomally

It has been well over a decade now that the Western conference has been vastly superior to the eastern conference. The titles for both sides are relatively even, but as far as depth, top to bottom, and quality teams the West has been substantially better. No year illuminates that more than this year, where really Miami, Indiana, and Toronto are the ONLY teams that truly deserve to be in the NBA playoffs IMO. Washington is getting hyped as a good squad now, and are they even 500? If so, than barely.

What I'm curious about is why? WHY is the west so much better? Is there some sort of advantage that those organizations have that people haven't picked up on, or is just the luck of the draw and the West happens to have more quality organizations and smart front offices? Is there better fan support out West?

I can think of a couple little things, but nothing firm that would really explain the anomally and was wondering if anybody had some insight as to why the West is better. And not just this year, riggin for wiggins has nothing to do with the past 15 years, really since Jordan retired.

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The Bulls don't deserve a

The Bulls don't deserve a spot? Are you high? They bring the most defensive intensity of any team in the NBA and would crush Toronto in a series.

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Simply better run

Simply better run organizations

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