The Troy Williams saga continues

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The Troy Williams saga continues

The Troy Williams saga continues. Now Boo’s nephew is saying that Kentucky and North Carolina are no longer the two favorites for his services. In case you forgot or have been in off season hibernation, let me remind you of this twisted tale.

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Troy narrowed his list down to two schools UNC and UK in late April. He announced he would make his decision known after school on May 1st. Then he woke up with a change of heart and announced he would be delaying his decision to an unknown date in the future. Later Troy let it out that he was going to commit to Kentucky but woke up with mixed feelings. Then he added four teams to his list (Florida, Louisville, Alabama and Georgetown), but said UK and UNC were still above the rest.

And now we have this quote from yesterday:

Josh [email protected]JoshPaunilNRS

Troy Williams may visit South Carolina & Alabama. Arkansas, Louisville & Georgetown after him hardest. Says UK & UNC no longer in the lead.

14 Jul 12

Josh [email protected]JoshPaunilNRS

Troy Williams says he & Anthony Barber look to commit after Peach Jam. "It's still 50-50 that we're going to commit together."

14 Jul 12

If Troy & Cat do commit together, Troy says it’s either Alabama or Louisville that they’ll end up

These quotes come after Troy had a big time game playing for USA East Williams scored 27 points, hitting 75% of his shots from the floor, including three three-pointers to defeat China.

“When I was playing in a AAU tournament (in Minneapolis) in April, I was just so caught up in the colleges, I wasn’t playing my style,” Williams said. “I was trying to impress the coaches.

“After I slowed my recruiting down and started worrying about AAU and the camps, that’s when I started realizing the game was getting easier when I wasn’t worried about what other people were saying.”

My reaction is mixed, Troy says he is slowed his recruiting down, but that’s not really what I see. Troy has had one of the most visible and vocal recruiting process of any prospect in the 2013 class. Troy has made sure the public knows where his head is pretty much the entire time. In other words, Troy, this isn’t really slowing down the process.

What uncle Boo needs to do here is put a cap on Troy’s public comments until after AAU season ends. Then he can take his visits, talk to his family and figure it out. I don’t blame Troy here whatsoever, he’s what 16, 17? I would have loved this type of attention at that age, I’m pretty sure I would wait on my ESPN special to announce my decision.

This is on Uncle Boo, it’s obvious based on his quotes throughout the process that sometimes the pressure gets to Troy. That means the most influential voices in his life need to step up. Top prospect Jabari Parkers parents have done an excellent job of filtering the media and coaches contact with their son. This isn’t the first and surely will not be the last twist in the Troy Williams saga before we know where he will play his college basketball next season.

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