Troy Williams

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Troy Williams

He looks great tonight against Washington. He has 18 points, including two pull-up jumpers. He's still very raw offensively but has good size at around 6'7 and is super athletic. The potential is there, its just a matter of whether he can put it all together. What do you guys think?

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I think if he's smart,

I think if he's smart, listens to his coaches, and stays 2-3 years he'll be a lottery pick.

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I just came here to talk

I just came here to talk about T-Will. I'm calling it. Guaranteed lottery pick.

Size, more bounce than a trampoline, and an advanced mid-range game for a freshman.

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Only saw one game in high school and was super impressed. I didn't think he was a senior last year though. Love his game in the little time I have seen from him. I hope he and Vonleh stay one more year. Vonleh will probably be lottery this year but I think they both can be next year with their size, length, athleticism, drive, and overall game.

Indiana will still be pretty good after losing two players that went top 5 last year. Yogi looking nice with that improved outside stroke.

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I love it, Indiana is finally

I love it, Indiana is finally getting noticed. People thought this team was going to be bad, but they just get better and better every game they play together. Tomorrow will be a nice test against #18 UConn, I just hope they play like they did tonight. This team is capable of competing every game with the athleticism and length that we possess. This year should be fun!

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I like Troy, he played the

I like Troy, he played the against the Harrison twins in HS and he was the only one who could score consistently, showing dunks, pull ups, post spin moves and what not I thought he was quite underrated preseason.

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This is one of the most

This is one of the most athletic Indiana teams I've ever seen... From Troy to Sheehy to Hanner this team has a lot of bounce and length!

If Noah comes back next year, and with the addition of James Blackmon and Robert Johnson this team can be a favorite to win the National Title

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Its all there for this kid imo

I had compared him to some of the higher rated guards in HS last year and guys seemed to dismiss him as a mixtape player, flashy etc etc. Glad to see him playing well and that his showing up in real games

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Troy always had crazy

Troy always had crazy potential. Up until his Junior year he was a top 10 player in the 2013 high school class but scouts started to drop him in the rankings due to them feeling he was not putting it all together. I guess a light bulb went off in his head and he is beginning to produce more. Kid has NBA tools, as his game begins to iron out he can be lottery pick in the 2015 draft if not he can be a lock for the 1st round.

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Indiana's Future

I think the frontcourt going forward is very impressive for Indiana, assuming everyone stays (which I think they should.) Williams is an athletic freak who, if he develops as he projects, will be an elite defender who can impact the game in a multitude of ways. I love Vonleh's game- big, atheltic body with great rebounding ability and solid defender. Also think his offense isnt as raw as it is made out ot be. Combine these two with Hanner Perea, Luke Fischer, and Peter Jurkin and you have an NBA sized front court that'll be hard to deal with.

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Guaranteed high first rounder

Guaranteed high first rounder in 2015

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