Troy Murphy reaches buyout

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Troy Murphy reaches buyout

Here's a list of teams he should consider and how he fits.

1. Heat- Miami has depth up front with Bosh, Haslem, Z, Anthony and Dampier yet lack consistency. Murphy can rebound which the Heat have no problem, and stretch the floor which would be ideal for Miami. Chances highly likely...he wants a ring Miami can get him that

2. Celtics- They lost some depth up front but when healthy he really wont be much of a need with Garnett, Davis and Green ahead of him at PF and The O'Neals and Krstic ahead of him at C. Unlikely to sign with Boston but who knows

3. Knicks- He would fit perfectly with D'Antoni as a stretch 5 man. The Knicks have their eyes on Jared Jeffries since he can defend 3-5. If the Knicks can buyouy, Mason Jr. and Balkman and sign both Jeffries and Murphy and get back a healthy Azubuike, then New York jumps to top 4 in the East and could make some noise.

At the end of the day he joins Miami, if not then New York, last Boston

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Miami is a run and gun team

He is not a shot blocker. He really does not fit on that team. He is made for a more physical set offense type of team. NY is not a contender and Murphy is getting up there. Troy goes to the Lakers or the C's. Money talks though so whoever spends the most gets him.

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For whatever reason his

For whatever reason his buyout states he can only sign with an eastern conference team. I thought he was going to the Magic, but if he wants to win he has to go to the Celtics or HEAT. He will get more playing time with the Magic so if he is looking for a contract he should go to the Magic to prove he still has it.

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If he's in shape he could be a big pickup. You really won't be counting on him for defense, but more his shooting and rebounding. I think Orlando is the best landing spot as far as playing time plus he will have Dwight to protect him. He would likely knock out Ryan Anderson in the rotation. I'm not sure if Miami works. On the positive he's a guy that can just go to the perimeter and spot up which I think is why James Jones has played so well with their main 3. I'm just afraid that he'd be relegated to a lot of center duty and that could get ugly. NY makes sense as far as playing time. Even though they run, he'd be useful in half court sets, plus the Knicks need more role player scoring and depth so if he thinks he can make a difference that could be a good spot. If he goes to the Celtics I could see him possibly not getting any time or only getting spot duty based more on situations, especially if the O'Neals come back and are healthy. If not, then he should be able to crack the rotation on a regular basis.

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My money is on him going to

My money is on him going to Boston. Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal have some health issues and KG isn't as durable as he used to be. Davis is a bit undersized (height-wise) and Green isn't a power forward. Johnson is inexperienced and weighs 5 pounds more than Ray Allen. That leaves them with Krstic up front. I think Boston will push hard to get Murphy.

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They are one of the slowest teams in the league. Murphy would fit well on them. He is superior to Ilgauskas, and Ilgauskas started for Miami for most of the year. Murphy can space the floor and provide good rebounding.

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I don't think the Celtics

I don't think the Celtics make the Perkins and Semeh trade unless they are positive they are getting another big body at the wire. They've had their eye on Murphy for awhile now, and he would fit with the Celtics more so then any other team because of their team basketball philosophy.

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According to reports

He's leaning towards the Heat. With Wade/LeBron driving to the rack, he's a very good fit as a guy who can spot up and make the long range jumper. He also cleans up rebounds in his area and can play acceptable defense if he's not forced to move too much. He's got clearly defined strengths and weaknesses so hopefully the team he goes to realizes this and is able to incorporate him into their scheme effectively.

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