Troy Murphy to HEAT

Troy Murphy to Heat, according to Yahoo sports - also considered Boston.

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I guess a team like that can

I guess a team like that can never have too many spot up shooters and rebounders...

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Did Chris Bosh just get a

Did Chris Bosh just get a teammate that he can call soft?

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Troy to Boston now

Dime Magazine

Interesting... RT @: Troy Murphy HIMSELF confirms to that he is going to Boston. B-O-S-T-O-N

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The time of year when

The time of year when contenders always look for experience, younger players may have done well during the regular season but coaches love the proven guys with play off experience even if they are not the players they once were.

Murphy gives whoever takes him a servicerable shooting big to fill minutes from the bench.

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So confusing. First Heat and

So confusing. First Heat and now Celtics. Just make up your mind and pick one. No wonder Bosh calls him soft. He's even too soft to make a decision and stick with it. lol

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