Tristan Thompson

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Tristan Thompson watch this it's interesting..

frist off all i really liked Williams' and Thompson's lane agility time that were as good as Blake's and now we see how hard for bigger pf is to stay in front of Griffin..but how about this?Tristan measured 35inch vert at combine but in this video it;s 38.5?do you believe it? it would give even more upside to him

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Dirk Sport science
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Thompson is very athletic and

Thompson is very athletic and 38inch sounds like a capable vert for him. He's only 6'8 but is an excellent shot blocker due to his athleticism.

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sports science is bull ish

sports science is bull ish

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" watch this it's interesting.."

Yes, but can he play 16 minutes per off the bench in 14 games on a cash-strapped Spanish league team that had to sell off their starter and was willing to tolerate turnovers and fouls because they have no other option?

Thompson is the best of the offensively challenged big men, but that is faint praise. Not being able to be a functional part of the offense should keep him from being a lottery pick, but should isn't will.

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BTPH I really want to see

BTPH I really want to see your top 20 prospects in this draft.

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