Trinajoe Mock 1.0

Here is my mock draft.

I need feedback.

1- LA Clippers- BLAKE GRIFFIN will be the first pick no matter any trades or anything else.
2. Memphis- RICKY RUBIO has the next best chance of being a franchise player and with success of pg's recently look for memphis to take rubio and have he and conley battle for the starting job.
3.OKC- HASHEEM THABEET is a true center with a skill that is highly coveted, shot blocking. With KD, Jeff Green, and Krstic you have 3 guys that can play the pf position, look for them to get a true C.
4. Sacramento- JORDAN HILL is raw right now but with jason thompson and spencer hawes they could use Hill's athleticism on the front line.
5. Washington- JAMES HARDEN is the ultimate team player and can mesh with anyone. He can compliment the wizards nicely. And is most proven player after griffin.
6. Minnesota- DEMAR DEROZAN is too good of a talent to pass on with the wolves. Hopefully he can become the superstar wing player they will need with Love and Jefferson down low.
7. Golden St.- BRANDON JENNINGS fits the ultra athletic warriors perfectly. Him setting up Monta, Maggette, Jackson, and Biedrins would be fun to watch.
8.New york- STEPHEN CURRY is rumored to be going to the Knicks and would fit well in Mike D's system with his sweet shooting.
9. Toronto- TYREKE EVANS is perfect for the Raptors. He is not a proven shooter but can handle the rock and get to the rim. Look for him to drive and dish to the shooters and Bosh.
10. Milwaukee- CHASE BUDINGER is too athletic and shoots to well to fall to far. Look for him to learn from Michael Redd and eventually replace him.
11. New jersey- EARL CLARK is a prototypical small forward and that is what the nets needs. They need him to run the break and create matchups problems for the other team.
12.Charlotte- GERALD HENDERSON went to Duke, but more importantly he can be their backup 2 guard for now and learn to defend from Raja Bell.
13. Indiana- JRUE HOLLIDAY is the kind of player that Larry Bird likes. Look for him to be a ombo guard off the bench and defend the opponents best scoring guard.
14. Phoenix- JOHNNY FLYNN is ultra fast and competitive. everyone has him going to Phoenix but don't be surprised if he goes earlier.
15. detroit- JAMES JOHNSON does the little things and has potential to be special. Look for him to play both the 3 and 4 for the Pistons.
16. Chicago- BJ MULLENS is not the post scorer the Bulls need, but with him Noah and Thomas you have an active and athletic frontline ala Denver.
17. Philadelphia- TY LAWSON is a good fit here with or without Andre Miller. Imagine Lawson running the break with Iguodala and Young on his wings and dalembert trailing and a healthy Elton Brand.
18.Minnesota- ERIC MAYNOR can be the tough proven player the wolves need from the pg position. Look for him to get more minutes than Telfair.
19. Atlanta- GANI LAWAL is a reach here but with limited big men, why not take the local guy with very good athleticism on a very athletic team?
20. Utah- DEJUAN BLAIR falls because of height and weight issues but with the futures of Boozer and Milsap in doubt Utah takes him.
21.New Orleans- JEFF TEAGUE could be a good scorer off the bench and good backup to paul. new orleans struggled this year in part to the loss of Jannero Pargo, a role that Teague could fill.
22. Dallas- WAYNE ELLINGTON could be the answer for the Mavs 2 guard problems(they had like 6 different guys start) and they want to keep Terry coming off the bench.
23. Sacramento- PATTY MILLS is the speed the Kings need. He could energize that arena with his game.
24.Portland- SAM YOUNG is an athletic SF who can maybe find a spot on this roster. This pick could be traded.
25.OKC- LESTER HUDSON could be a good role player. His combo guard abilities off the bench could help this team.
26. Chicago- OMRI CASSPI has potential and could get minutes if Deng doesn't stay healthy.
27. memphis- TERRANCE WILLIAMS is an athletic wing player with the ability to defend. Looking for good bench players at this point, Terrance can fit.
28-60- Best available player pretty much. Spurs take an International player and other teams try to fill needs or draft on potential.

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Why is Budinger at 10?

Luster Hudson is a long shot for round 1

Devendorf? He is a long shot as well



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give me a link for mock draft 3.0

I just went threw real quick on the 2nd round. I don't think Devendorf will get drafted, I thought I took him off.

as far as Budinger i think maybe Milwaukee is thinking of replacing Michael redd. And from what I hear about Hudson i thin he could be a good combo guard off the bench and OKC will need bench depth even with all their talent.

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1st off...heres the link

and I think its a nice pick if they move down. He can shoot and he can mad they say he is not tough cuz hes white.

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Chase will not go that high

Chase will not go that high and Chase skills are more gear to a small forward then a shooting guard. He lacks too many shooting guard skills to be drafted that high as a shooting guard. I believe he will fall as Holiday and Blair moves up

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Good for Bulls....Casspi

Good for Bulls....Casspi could be solid, dont know much about him though.

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